DAILY OFFBEAT: Love Coach and Author April Kay Discusses Tragic Loss of Robin Williams

DAILY OFFBEAT: Love Coach and Author April Kay Discusses Tragic Loss of Robin Williams

August 18, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

Daily OffBeatThe death of Robin Williams brought an international outpouring of love, sadness and incomprehension. How could someone who made so many people so happy come to such a sad end. We cried for ourselves as much as we cried for the comic legend because we will actively miss Robin Williams. He was so much a part of our lives.

There is so much mixed emotion on the internet over suicide. The Academy was slammed for their Robin Williams tribute tweet, that the genie was free. Experts have been chiding the site for somehow empowering suicide as an option. Williams death was a shock and some people reacted to the news as if it were traumatic, even though they never met the actor in person. Such was Robin Williams power to connect.

April Kay, M.Ed., deals with people who have undergone trauma on a regular basis as a love coach and a radio host on her hotline “The Voice of Love with April K.” With two masters in counseling and over twenty years’ experience in the field of mental health, Kay reached out to people who want more information on Williams’ death that they might not be getting from mainstream outlets.

April Kirkwood wrote the book “Big Girls Do Cry” about a decade’s affair with Frankie Valli.

April’s statement is purely speculative. It was written before news about Williams’ Parkinson’s diagnosis was public. Daily Offbeat is running it unedited.

I stood there spellbound, lifeless when I heard the news of Robin William’s violent act of self-demise in his most final scene with a haunting message to the entire world. The resolution of his story screaming his truth with a nondescript chair, a belt, and a knife; the world had gotten the best of him and they won.  They took his magic at all costs and he was depleted left without hope enough to face another day.   I didn’t know Robin personally but I can only imagine this was not a rash decision, it rarely is.  A stupid decision but not one without thought!  It sounds by all media accounts that he had been searching and pondering for a while for something that could guide him back to a place of inner joy. There are also rumors of financial issues; the love of money rears its ugly head again causing many of us to mimic the crash of the 1920′s on an individual level finishing ourselves off before the band does. And just as deadly is the curse of aging in the American culture, especially in show business.  The first nail in the coffin pounded in the moment you look into the mirror tired, wrinkled, and overly concerned with the natural weight gain aging will have on your future opportunities and ability to be accepted and seen as someone ‘valuable.’  ‘Shoot me with botox, put it in an IV’ we shout in a rabbit panic state with the hunter from the old folk’s home not far behind as we shyly run by the mirror racing for a new day.  Part of aging is possible mortality and illness which was a blimp on the radar for Robin with his recent heart surgery. I wonder if he felt a general slowing down of energy and the natural processes we as Americans are not permitted to enjoy in a world of models and celebrity pressures. 

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