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“The measure of one’s life can be best summed up by how many people they’ve truly loved and the  memories they’ve shared along the way.”

                           Aprilkirkwood, LPC

5 Items to Renovate at Home for a More Comfortable Life

Renovating specific items in your home can significantly enhance your quality of life, making your living space more aesthetically pleasing and more functional and comfortable. Here are five key items to consider renovating to create a more comfortable and appealing living environment. Enhance Your Lighting for a Cozy Ambiance Lighting is essential for establishing the…

By April Kirkwood June 28, 2024 0

Protect Your Aura

Discovering YOUR Aura “Elevate your aura, elevate your life.” Asad Meah Hi Souls, Have you been noticing that when you are in some places or with certain people that you feel more positive? Awareness is the first step and now it’s time to ready yourself as a measure of self-care to protect both your physical self and…

By April Kirkwood June 24, 2020 0