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United Chakra Meditation

United Chakra Meditation Breathe in Light Through the centre of the heart Opening the heart Into a beautiful ball of Light Breathe in Light Through the centre of the heart Allowing the light to expand. In one unified field of Light Within, through and around the body Through the centre of the heart Allowing the…

By April Kirkwood September 15, 2022 0

Protect Your Aura

Discovering YOUR Aura “Elevate your aura, elevate your life.” Asad Meah Hi Souls, Have you been noticing that when you are in some places or with certain people that you feel more positive? Awareness is the first step and now it’s time to ready yourself as a measure of self-care to protect both your physical self and…

By April Kirkwood June 24, 2020 0

Waking Up To Your Power

END GOAL: Termination of billions of soul contracts incarnations, souls no longer trapped within it now unable to cause interference to your ascension is happening. WINNING! What they don’t want you to know? You are the most desired, powerful being with direct access and connection to light and the Christ Consciousness. Humans have journeyed together…

By April Kirkwood May 31, 2020 0