Waking Up To Your Power

May 31, 2020 0 By April Kirkwood

END GOAL: Termination of billions of soul contracts incarnations, souls no longer trapped within it now unable to cause interference to your ascension is happening. WINNING!

What they don’t want you to know?

You are the most desired, powerful being with direct access and connection to light and the Christ Consciousness.

Humans have journeyed together throughout the ages asking the same questions, looking for peace, and trying to explain our present woes. With all of our research and books, many of us still stand in a daze lost in a life of sorrow and suffering.

Our mental health continues to deteriorate with the highest rates of anxiety and depression as ever before as these are currently trapped in your body or trapped in the astral plane.

Until now when finally the truth is unveiled:

We are in trouble?


Or are we on the precipice of greatness and peace if…..if we can wake up and know the truth.

As a therapist, a child of trauma, and a woman who has tried at every corner to correct the injustices and pave a better way for tomorrow, I got lost at times. I broke in my darkest moment when all of my security was about to be washed away like sand on the beach. I realize now that it was what is called, The Dark Night of the Soul. There, I found the truth and why we feel powerless in fear.

I come to you with love hoping, praying, declaring you find your sovereignty and live out loud in the light without fear.

What I’m about to share is shocking.

I too was in disbelief. Then I thought ‘Maybe’…now I rest assured; it is correct and you and I are the key players in the future of peace on earth. I cried. Sometimes I still do until I now know I’ve released myself and all of my lineages from their vicious plans.

KEY: You chose to be born at this time….so don’t play into the ego’s lies of victim status, fear, doom and gloom.

It’s time to abolish the ego…the Sutan, Satan, Lucifer, darkness, low frequency, or any other words keeping us hostage as slaves to the games of a few in charge.

This is how this mess started.

A security guard sits in the tomb of ancient Egyptian nobleman Panehsy, at the archaeological site of Tal El-Amarna containing the ruins of Akhetaten, the brief capital built by the 18th dynasty Pharaoh Akhenaten (13531336 BC), south of the Nile

It is was a sort of test, a debate, a challenge to see if when some of our senses are taken away (Yes, we have so many more than five) we can remain slaves. This started in Egyptian times when aliens came and there was, of course, a power struggle. The biggest player, Pharaoh Akhenaten became corrupted by the Anunaki, with the dark agenda and its goal of mass enslavement of humanity.

Sounds like a Sci-Fyi Movie doesn’t it?


Today you are going to have the opportunity to raise the playing field in your life, raise above what you have been doing, live larger, grabbing the gusto. We are here to enjoy our lives. We are here to understand what’s happening to us. God has called us to this existential moment in our history with coded. We have to stand back and we’ve been called to our rooms. It’s like God called us back to our room.

WAKENING is not a constant state of bliss, nor is it a feeling of everlasting love or happiness. It’s actually beyond our normal conscious states that are related to those feelings and emotions that come and go.

For most this is not a magical one-moment thing. Light working and life learning is a lifetime process. To get you started…. here are some simple practices.


  1. Thoughts last only 90 seconds. Anything after that is yourself playing it over and over again….aka the matrix victim mentality. Experience it and consciously let them float by like a cloud covering your day at the beach.

Simple Grounding

2. The Four Thumps: Tap your cheekbones. Breathe in the nose and out through the nose. and it works to pump up energy meridians to ground into the planet.

Are you ready to kick some pharaoh’s ass and get your beloved soulful self back?

The change comes from within not from destruction and war.


3. You are going to need to stop thinking so much! Now, I’m not saying that the mind isn’t a good thing. It is a good thing! It’s a wonderful tool and we need intellect. But we don’t need the mind as our master guide, which it has been, because we lose the other side of ourselves. So what I’m asking today is to just consider that we need both the earthly physical self to be an expert and we also need the soulful self to become awake. Now we recognize both aspects of ourselves and this helps us to raise our energy. So our physical selves is more in alignment with our karma. Our life lessons and what we are here to do now.

What does it look like when we’re aware? when we are conscious? when we are awake? We see it moments when we get a great idea. I mean, you’ve all had these moments. We can also see it when we watched beautiful dancers, actors that are so involved. They’re in that new character so much that nothing else exists. Athletes, politicians, and a newborn baby.


4. Today’s affirmation is I am here now. To stay in the present pulls you back into the NOW It’s similar to when weight lifters yell and scream. They’re coming out even in movies of the war when everyone holds up their swords and does a battle cry.


5. I can consciously dim my light a little bit, just dim it a little bit in there like a light switch. We all know what light switches with a dimmer. And then when I’m reading a spiritual book or I’m doing my tarot cards or I’m focusing on meditation with a crystal, I can flip my dimmer switch. Up, up, up, up, up, up, up. When I go for a walk, I let my dimmer switch come up so I can enjoy the sounds of nature, the wind, and the birds. Perhaps there’s water nearby. The smell of a nearby rain coming by. It is a beautiful life- if we are awake if we are in alignment! This goes back to not thinking full blast. Let your heart be your compass. It always knows where it is going.

Let me know what moments have been Awakenings for you! When you are working and you get a great idea. When you knew you were pregnant, when you felt that somebody was in trouble and you call them and they are, or they’d been thinking about you or you knew what not to say somewhere because you didn’t want to hurt somebody else, you know, we always have those opportunities to be right or kind. Sometimes we need to put a dimmer switch down, which is cognitive. And, you know, this is the right way and everybody else is wrong. Which, of course, is an incorrect philosophy of life until we meet again.

I’d love to work with you on removing trauma, soul contracts, soul retrieval, and inspiration for parents of Star Seeds and family members, self-protection and bubble work, cleansing, and preparation for ascension.

Endorse by angels, guides, master teachers, light workers, elementals, and Christ Consciousness.

Are you ready to come back to life?

Gratefully yours,

A Star Seed called this time around by April

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