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Find Out Your Purpose and The Lessons You Are Here To Learn


How I Found Soul Contracting:

As a counselor and instructor, I grew weary of the process of merely diagnosing someone according to a book and set out to find ways to cope and be able to function ‘normally.’ Oh, trained therapists have so much to give: trauma strategies, life skills training, family counseling, conflict mediation, and meditation helped the symptoms but did not explain the ‘why’ and ‘what do I do about it’ questions.

One therapy session drifted into another ranging from pep talk, practice CBT sessions, deep talks of introspection, and practices until I had to stop the madness. It felt like a sham at times. I saw addicts circle through the system, depressed teens grow into depressed adults learning to hide it better, and humanity wandering around half asleep never realizing their potential and their destiny for all they desire.

I truly believe that we all deserve to know as much as we can about our lives.

More importantly, I believe we all want to live awake and aware of our story on a larger scale with a deeper understanding than family trees and examples of genetic connections to addictions and the ongoing debate about nurture versus nature.

It must be noted, however, that I am not against any method of achieving information as knowledge is the key to understanding and understanding is the key to wisdom. But there is much still out there to know about ourselves as souls!

So, I began to search for another way to help myself, my family, and my clients.

I‘ve tried it all and got some really great advice along the way, but there was still more about me, and you, and us, and why we are here.

So I continued my journey to find truth:

  • Organized religion spoke in general terms about humanity. I am an individual and I needed specific directives just for me.
  • Tarot cards are determined in part by how you are feeling the day of your reading and feelings change constantly.
  • Astrology gives great details to aspects of your personality and the effects of the solar system on your life but doesn’t give peace about the why circumstances and how to handle them. So I was born with a desire to share. But why? How?
  • Even the best intuitive readings will tell you that the free will of others can and often change the outcomes they see. You can count on one thing, individuals can be fickle.
  • Positive thinking alone cannot always design one’s life. It can shape and attract but master plans are much bigger and grander than we can even understand.

I discovered the concept of Soul Maps.

It is, in short, the personal contract you make with yourself as well as others in your life.









Wouldn’t that take a lot of pressure out of understanding our partners, our families, and our kids?

A Soul Contract Reading is an intricate study using numerology based on your birth name. I love this because the soul is the ‘animating principle’ or essence of an individual. It is not based on what is given to you in this life in terms of family, personality, demographics, or more. The soul holds the memory of all of our lifetimes and what we bring into this life for our journey’s goals this time around.

Your birth name is converted into the sounds of 22 phonetic Hebrew letters, which are then converted into numbers within a diagram. The Star of David shows karmic patterns you face, talents you possess so you can overcome them, goals you predetermined that you wanted to achieve, and most importantly your soul’s purpose.

It is possible to have a clear path to where you are going, who you are taking with you, and a map to self-fulfillment.

Finding your mission is the most effective sleep aid yet to be discovered.

Think of a world where every senior in high school knows what their career and purpose are and they are given assistance to make that happen!

It’s not too late! I can’t wait to see your face light up, and the tears of joy when you realize nothing is wrong with you. It is all part of a perfectly designed plan created by yourself for your highest growth.

Are you ready to raise your consciousness?

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Your Soul’s Contract in Writing

The Soul Contract provides a blue print to your life’s purpose as well as your karma and the lessons you are here to overcome.  It makes an excellent gift for family members, friends, and teens who are interested in making their lives mean something and empowering them to see the best of their lives and all that has happened.

 Ten percent of all proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 

SOUL PURPOSE:     Written Report

A simple written report answers the most important question every person needs answered: “What am I here to do?” Every teenager, and college student, needs this.  Parents benefit from knowing their young children and their partner’s mission. A discount price is offered due to my dedication to all life and their ascension and awakening.

 Cost:  $60.00 Special Offer for limited time $40.00 


 COMPLETE SOUL CHART:   Written Report 

This written detailed report that describes every aspect of your adventure here this life time.  Included in this detailed report is your entire life:  physical and spiritual karmic  gifts, challenges and lessons you came to overcome, and  your soul’s purpose from the beginning of inception.  Also, there always comes with reports practices specific to your challenges to help you overcome them and be victorious on your mission.

Cost:  $140.00

DEEP DIVE:   Complete written Soul Chart report as well as a one hour session with APRIL

Deep Dive offers includes  an one hour session as well as your written report to better understand what you have come to do, the challenges, karma, and gifts you chose with your soulful self and master teachers.  I work with you to better understand and share insights from both a mental health perspective as well as what the chart depicts.

 Cost:  $175.00  

IMPORTANT:  email me directly when you place an order: Subject: Soul Contract

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