Living Your Truth!

Have you ever asked yourself?

Why do others seem to have a perfect life and I’m not sure of who I am or what I’m supposed to be doing?”

Be honest.  Sometimes don’t you wish you could hide under the covers and forget all of it. Humans hate to suffer and will do just about anything to avoid it…even live. 

Humans are cowards avoiding pain, suffering, even at the cost at crippling and stifling our own lives. 

Self protections seems like a logical great approach.

 However, the price of deception keeps your from love and joy.

Soon your entire life has become obsessed and consumed with self-protection not realizing that this is the cause of your unhappiness. This hiding become your obsession.  It becomes your life.

You truly have only two choices to solve your problems!

  1. Keep everyone away from your issues isolated and distrustful.
  2. Or decide to embrace the pain, face it, and let it transform your world and let your light shine.

It’s time to rip off the band aide and reclaim your legacy of health, wealth, and abundance. 

Take bring back the two most cherished desires of humans; freedom and Power.

Let’s do this!  

Love ya,

April of Course

Endorsed by love of life, dancing in the kitchen, escorting flies outdoors, and talking to fairies.

If you’ve found this site; remember there are no mistakes in the universe. Synchronicity is always on point.

All around us, we hear others just like ourselves mutter shaking their heads, ”I just want to be happy. Why is it all so hard?

No matter what, we get eventually feelings of restlessness and endless wandering for the ‘next’ moment of pleasure and peace. With each upset, fear rears its ugly head and we panic into hysteria. ” Why doesn’t he love me?” “Why am I dying?” “This job was my life. Now just like that, I’m done. How am I supposed to live?”

With each disappointment, the nervous symptoms become more fragile. replacing joy with self-loathing and confusion. No matter how we dress it up to look pretty we can’t stop the collapse of the facade we’ve created.

This maddening drive to keep the images of what our life should be is exhausting and is the debilitating reason we can’t ever find happiness. This constant state of inner turmoil is the exact cause of preventing joy in the present moment.

When the man I lived with for over 20 years died I sat unable to focus shocked lost in the dark abyss of agony. This was the first time I had ever felt a total lost of control. Worse, there was absolutely nothing I could do for him. He was gone. Just like that; never to return.

I realized that all sense of safety about life and all I strived for didn’t exist for me and anyone. The fates could not be trusted and my heart was left to try and resolve what life had taken from me. I was a widow and Ralph and I were only part of my past. Fear engulfed me and all I could do was run away pretending life would be ok but I wasn’t sure of anything. I was stuck in fear. What else could happen? Was there no way to see my way back to the world I once felt a sense of security?

There was no where I could hide so I began searching for answers spending time with master teachers in England, Austria, Italy, and Quebec. What I realized was that I had to find truth in fear instead of fighting it. I had to sit with it and reintroduce myself to my soul. My life had fallen apart and I saw that I had spent my entire life in an exasperated and obsessed with protecting myself.

With each step, I quieted the noise, the fear, the confusion and began to change my energies. I no longer try to protect myself from my psyche’s complex emotions, grabbing onto things to hide in and letting go of the clinging.

I had to pass through exactly what I was struggling not to go. A tremendous change took place and is still happening. I am getting comfortable with the realization that there is no solidity. I have no hopes, no dreams, no belief, and no security and I am getting comfortable just being aware of the truth. I see life in moments. I do not try to control it. I let life unfold, both from the outside and inside.

Now I bring this self-created system to you putting your personal one-of-a-kind puzzle together giving you purpose, healing, protection, and foresight to take control of your future.
Free meet and greet. Join me to a new way of living in truth with your soulful self watching the fear naked and untethered.

Divorce yourself from your relationship for fear of collapsing so nothing is left but your truth and your soulful self. Coffee’s ready.

Are you to walk away from this obsession that keeps you in a state of insanity?

Sent with love and light,

April of Course


“I had the honor of working with April after a traumatic head injury in 2021. We connected quickly, and she helped me see where my energy wasn’t serving me. She helped me redirect it as much as possible (I’m awfully stubborn), and helped aid my recovery.”

April was a literal Godsend. She was there for me when I was going through one of the hardest times in my life and knew exactly what to do and say to help me through it.”

“Thank you for giving me back my life. I sang in front of a crowd last weekend for the first time ever. I’m starting to believe in love again and putting myself out there. I feel alive.”

“Working with April was a beautiful experience. We connected on so many different levels and she helped me to realize the beauty within myself. It was like I was a butterfly coming out of a cocoon! I love April and I’m so happy that I met her on this path of life.”