Living Your Truth!

April Lynn Kirkwood, M.Ed., LPC


Let me share a little bit about my credentials.

I have over twenty-five years experience in the field of mental health. I have two masters in both community counseling and school counseling. I have studied with master teachers in England, Italy, and Canada. I utilize an holistic approach incorporating Eastern and Western philosophies uniting mind, soul, and body. You will be creating the plan with me as we meditate together and ask for guidance for your highest growth at this time in your journey. This is about YOU. My soul’s purpose in this life is to open the hearts of others. My heart is here to help you.

If you’ve found this site; remember there are no mistakes in the universe. Synchronicity is always on point.

Let us journey into your story and discover what you no longer need. The story that is masked behind words like anxiety, depression, boredom, addiction and the endless exhausting search for quick fixes of instant gratification that never last. Below are the following services I offer. Together we will create a plan to accomplish both your short and long term goals.

I will be including depending on your needs and interest: inner child healing, trauma, relationship issues, family and generational behaviors, karma, astrology, numbers healing, affirmations, soul work, finding your life purpose, and most importantly love. Listed below are the options. Follow your intuition and know you can always move forwards with me.

  • Individual Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Soul Contracts
  • Preparation for 5 Frequency transition
  • Short stories ad blogs to help
  • Handouts

Divorce yourself from your relationship with fear.

It’s time to walk away from the pain you’ve protected for so long because you are afraid of the unknown?

You are more powerful than you realize. You have done nothing wrong but your plight is almost over. Join me to discover a new way of living in your truth, power, and love with a free thirty-minute meet-and-greet session. It’s time to claim your inheritance of health, wealth, and abundance. And so it is. Amen

Sent with love and light,


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“I had the honor of working with April after a traumatic head injury in 2021. We connected quickly, and she helped me see where my energy wasn’t serving me. She helped me redirect it as much as possible (I’m awfully stubborn), and helped aid my recovery.”

April was a literal Godsend. She was there for me when I was going through one of the hardest times in my life and knew exactly what to do and say to help me through it.”

“Thank you for giving me back my life. I sang in front of a crowd last weekend for the first time ever. I’m starting to believe in love again and putting myself out there. I feel alive.”

“Working with April was a beautiful experience. We connected on so many different levels and she helped me to realize the beauty within myself. It was like I was a butterfly coming out of a cocoon! I love April and I’m so happy that I met her on this path of life.”