Author: April Kirkwood

April Kirkwood is a licensed therapist, author, and motivational speaker Her memoir, Working My Way Back To Me, is an inspirational tale that sheds light on universal struggles involving love, sexuality, addiction, and mental health. She is an advocate for women and early childhood trauma recognizing the affects it has on adult romance. Her philosophy and treatment are a refreshing blend identifying the mind, soul, and body connection. She assists others with a awakening that promotes to awareness with a deep sense of peace about both the past and the present. She is neither a pastor or a therapist but a blend of inspiration very much sought after today. April’s Manual, Guide To NOW has just be released. In the fall of 2019, April shares the humorous ups and downs of a women’s life after 40 with all of the antics of a heart warming comedy about love and aging. She can be reached at:

How to Limit Stress

Stress is something that most people have to deal with, but the wrong amounts of it can be damaging. For this reason, it’s essential that adults look for healthy ways to manage their stress. You have probably come across a number of these stress relievers if you’ve ever been on the lookout for solutions yourself.…

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What does an enlightened life look like?

Enlightenment is considered a gift bestowed upon by a  few while the rest of us become more zombie like hungry for truth and desperate for fulfillment. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What is Enlightenment? An enlightened human being realizes and feels a soulful oneness with God.  End of story.  So, as you can…

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Save Your Marriage For The Holidays!

How to Get Along With In-Laws and Help Your Marriage! It becomes a battle over power.  Silly, one person two people love can destroy the very thing we try to protect.  Parents often feel like the new spouse has taken their baby.  Spouses often feel jealous of their very natural and unconditional favoritism their parents…

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