Author: April Kirkwood

April Kirkwood LPC holds two masters and is presently working in the mental health focussing on both women's issues as well as addiction. Her desire is to help others take the present, healing the past, and creating a wonderful tomorrow. Focus: child trauma, holistic methodology, sexual molestation and harassment.

How Women Manipulate Men

  Do Women Manipulate Men? YES! Men manipulate women all of the time but not with the sophistication and save that women do.  Here are the ways we get you to commit and well, keep the slogan alive and well:  Happy Wife, Happy Life! Women are the heart of the home providing the core of…

By April Kirkwood January 14, 2019 0

Why Are You Really Getting A Divorce?

I think marriage gets a bad rep.  If it weren’t for marriage, our society would probably have fallen apart long long ago.  It pains me to realize so many of us feel like marriage is a ‘let’s see how it goes’ kind of contract.  A contract that we slip in and out of like the…

By April Kirkwood January 9, 2019 0