Three Steps to Finding Forgiveness

November 1, 2022 0 By April Kirkwood
Welcome home. Love is here.

We say we forgive but do we? Then there’s the phrase, “I forgive but I will never forget!” I’m never sure what that actually means in terms of actions. Holding a grudge is not forgiveness. Talking about it or thinking about the injustice is not forgiveness.. This is pretending to forgive to ease the conscience which by the way is never fulled because that inner secret place in your heart where your soul leaves know the truth. I have had thought that I needed to forgive people for what I perceived was an attack against me. This is what I found out and how I manage each day to find peace.

Step One in forgiveness

But the Course in Miracles states that until we truly forgive, when we truly get it inside our being we understand that there was no wrong doing done to us. There is no real sin for them or yourself.

Emotions of jealously, envy, anger, frustration are illusions for your real self is unconditional life. Forgiveness is the core teaching of The Course In Miracles.

I realize this is a lot to shallow. So let’s back up. I wanted you to just read it. If you are perturbed set it aside. You have all the time in the world. There’s no rush.

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