Finding True Love in the Age of Inspiration

January 28, 2024 0 By April Kirkwood
The Age of Inspiration grows true love.
     The Age of Inspiration grows true love.

May my words bless and touch your soul so you remember your value and worth.

As it is above; So shall it be below.

Love always,

April lynn Kirkwood, M.Ed., LPC

To  the millennials  and all those generations following are my new favorite humans and I want to thank you for coming to earth.  You are here to usher in the ascension.   It is is a noble feat.   I love you all and am grateful for you.

 This is the first blog I have written in four years and not only I have grown but the world has changed in both positive and negative ways.  We are waking up to truth.  The lines are being drawn and transparency is the new normal.  I too come to you with openness with all I know and all I hope to share as I continue to study about love.   We are all a work in progress. 

In the history of the world, it seems like only a minute since we’ve gone from the Dark Ages, to the Information Ages and now the Inspiration Age. In this new dispensation of the Inspiration Age,  I have a strong feeling that we are on the cusp of an amazing awakening that those willing  bring heaven on earth.’ Although the physical world itself will  be definitely affected, it is in the inner most part of ourselves that is being transformed most.  No where is this going to be more apparent than in the conscious arrival of truth and love. No where will we see more differences than in throws of romance.

The veil is being lifted and all that is fake is coming out for all of humanity to see so that the space for truth can breathe and grow and transform all of life. Romantic love is especially being called out because that is where  life is formed.  This is the core  from which multi-generational dysfunction and trauma thrives. The most important challenges and lessons about romance and intimacy are born within the sacred walls of well intentioned homes.  The first chapter of your life is where the most emotional healing is needed so true love and joy can take root and grow.

With all of its positive and negative attributes, the Age of Technology is  instrumental in unmasking fake passion, counterfeit sex, and illusions of commitment. Never before has it been easier to stray. Dating apps offer an array of choices right from the privacy of your home. Flirting, cheating, and having sex is as close as hitting ‘enter.’ Lovers from the past reappear reminding us of the thrill of youth.

What does this mean? I just want the love?

In short, big breasts and sleeping with a guy won’t guarantee you win him. Expensive houses and extravagant life styles will not cement two miserable hearts beating oceans away. At long last we have hit bottom and short of public demon worshipping society is becoming immune to the sorts of games and gimmicks we used to ‘win’ the prize of our desires.  Those days are fading. The masters of manipulation are being driven out. The light is shining brighter and people are running from both themselves and others. Lies are being exposed and shit is about to get real. All of this is necessary and is in your best interest from the universal energy of source if you choose to step away from the 3D life we are accustomed.

                                                                                                So, you may ask,

                                           “How do I find true love if not with a little help from stilettos or a hot car?”

Never fear, true love in the Inspiration Age will be more than we can possibly imagine. Poets themselves will bow their heads in shame that they have missed the mark in words that can’t come close to what they now see. It is the cornerstone of all we are or long to be. It will arrive for those who are ready to leave the reality of sight and touch. Many are already awake, aware, and filled with inner joy and ready to emotionally move forward. I suspect in the future there may not be as many marriage in the traditional way but the ones we do see will outshine and show us the glorious path of what ‘happily every after is.’

                                           The Four Steps Needed to Finding True Love in this new Era

                                                                                         Step One


The first step to inviting the true love you desire and deserve takes becoming absolutely ‘truthful’ to yourself. It will be as uncomfortable as jumping into a pool on a chilly morning. The first step of ‘seeing’ is  always the toughest like learning how to stretch out a new pair of shoes to feel comfy.  It takes a while. It is when the magical spell is finally broken and sleeping beauty wakes up and sees who her true love for the first time. The clock has struck midnight and you now have a choice to stop living the dream you’ve been taught, seen, and experienced. As humans we’ve all drank the kool-aide and bought into a kind of false beliefs that says it’s okay to hide your darkness. In this masquerade you are not alone. There is an entire cast joining in with you showering you support for your self loathing. We call it support. I call it 3D enabling or the ego gone wild. We lie to ourselves thinking, “It’s okay to pretend and play a role; everyone does and a few glasses of wine can make it easier to  continue and face tomorrow. Eventually the story is told so many times that it actually becomes reality. With the witty brilliance of the law of attraction we reinforce it manifesting more to keep it alive. The lie has become your gospel. A new perspective is all that is needed for this divine miracle. Take off the blinders; this is your race to win.  Look back and see the lies you’re leaving behind in the dust. 

                                                                                    Step Two


Step two,  ‘accepting,’ what you have ‘seen.’ This stage involves evoking hope and faith to release the tears and maybe a pillow to hit as your reintroduce yourself to your soulful self. Marinate in it as long as necessary. This is the longest step and the most profound in connecting with your higher self aka your soul.  But it actually takes seeing what your pain has to say and letting it in.  It might take a very long time and on some level it never stops.  We are constantly learning as we ascend to higher levels of understanding and frequency energies.  But if you persist and clear the cobwebs, regret slowly gets wiped away.  Dig deeper and the tunnel vision of your childlike gets softened into a new perspective. Thoughts of low self worth are dissolved into smiling at yourself in the mirror.  The anger towards people that hurt you slides into forgiveness.  The belief you are a mess merges into deep insight and peace about your personal story.  This is the most important adventure of your life.  Follow the road passing up the ghosts and goblins to your inner core. Take breaks and walk away returning to it after my mind and body has had a chance to rest and digest it all. There is no time limit to finding your holy self. After all it’s been there all along and is your true self.

Step Three


Step Three is finally remembering who you are and actually loving yourself.  See the truth is, you are a soul here on earth university in human form having the experience you and others have chosen to learn certain lessons. There are no mistakes. It is no one’s fault and you are in synchronicity at all times and loved.When you get this deep down inside yourself the magic starts.  Now you can embrace all of your story with new eyes and realize how magnificent you are just to have come here to attempt and experience all you have. You then will see how powerful and loved you are and there is no room for low self worth. To deny your splendor would be a sin denying the great source that made you and is part of you. You have made mistakes because you came to learn. It is now time to join and get to know your dearest partner; your soulful self with acceptance and love for yourself, other actors that have come to help you ascend, and the opportunity to be alive at this time.

Step Four

‘Finding Love’

Finally you are ready. You are truthful with yourself. You’ve brought the monsters and frightening aspects of your history out into the light.  But now you see the story of YOU through the eyes of love and acceptance. You are ready to find true love because you finally love yourself. You love all of the parts and hide none, nor do you feel guilty for mistakes and or have fear about revealing yourself to someone you’re interested in getting to know better. You are whole no loner dancing out of beat to your own feelings.  You are free of the darkness that no longer exists.  Your soulful self and you melted it out in the sunlight.

To experience mutual true love, however,  your partner needs to be awake themself also  cleansing themselves of all of the crap they’ve  gathered along the way to the here and now. It doesn’t mean that you can’t love someone that isn’t at that point in their lives. What it means is that they will still have issues and more inner work to do which is their responsibility. Remember there are no mistakes in the universe and each person comes to us to learn together and nothing is truly a failure. Regret nothing. If love comes knocking follow it. But know that it is not your job to instruct or change someone. It is an impossible task anyway and will only cause you and your partner separate into an invisible war.  This is a self help journey. Guideposts help but each of us need to do the work. Be a guidepost but realize modeling behavior through love and giving them freedom to be whatever or wherever that have to be in their journey is the greatest gift you can.

Here’s to love. I believe in it and I know it’s out there. I love you and I see your true value as a beautiful being made of light and perfection. God does not make mistakes.

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