Protect Your Aura

June 24, 2020 0 By April Kirkwood

Discovering YOUR Aura

“Elevate your aura, elevate your life.”

Asad Meah

Hi Souls,

Have you been noticing that when you are in some places or with certain people that you feel more positive? Awareness is the first step and now it’s time to ready yourself as a measure of self-care to protect both your physical self and your spiritual self. Both need each other on this journey as you have made a commitment with yourself, your tribe, your guides, and master teachers to visit earth university.

As a reminder before you begin to keep your personal aura glowing and growing, remember you can protect your aura! It is up to you to create a conscious relationship with your spiritual self and become it’s best friend. Nurture it, sit with it, and listen to it.

Here are some ideas to protect your Aura:

  • Wear white when you need to expand your energy. I wear a white ribbon in my hair!
  • Have class and style by exuding an aura of confidence without being cocky.
  • Class and style have nothing to do with money and don’t be fooled by the ego spirit could care less about material things.
  • Be grateful. It is visible to others in your aura.
  • Your aura is linked to different planes of awareness. Keep practicing your ascension to higher energy.
  • Each of your actions either expands or contracts your Aura with feelings of dense emotions.
  • Love yourself so much that your energy and aura reject others who don’t value your essence.
Save or screenshot this image to use for a daily gratitude practice!

Practice One: Detaching from negative people, places, and things

If you feel someone’s dense spirit…jealousy, greed, or just plain self-hatred, it’s time for self-care.

  1. Move away a bit and stand with your feet apart.
  2. Imagine a string attached between both of you, or a room, or a group.
  3. Now visualize in your mind’s eye your angel is handing you a beautiful magical sword.
  4. See yourself with power and love for the people involved.
  5. Now, Sever the cord that binds you.
  6. Seal up your aura by pushing the sword away from you.
  7. Surround yourself in a crystal clear light.
  8. Think or say, “I am free from all negative connection.”
  9. Breathe in and out until you feel your soul in your body.
  10. Stomp your feet or clap your hands to bring your soul into your body more deeply.
  11. Silently or verbally say, “As it is above, so it is below.”
  12. Smile and go about your life with lightness and love.

Practice Two: Defending deep attacks with a particular person or group

  1. Close your eyes and if you know the person who is attacking you, tell their soul that it must leave your vibration.
  2. Envision your guides and angles swiping away and unplugging any negativity or dark spots.
  3. Return your attention to your own consciousness and aura.
  4. Breathe in and see your aura in a crystal clear light.
  5. Stomp your feet or clap your hands until you feel your soul in every aspect of your body.
  6. Silently or verbally end by saying, “As it is above, so it is below.”
  7. Smile with gratitude and go forth and send love to everyone you meet.

It’s always great to create your own practice but this will get you started. No one knows you and your vibes more than yourself. You have the power to protect both!

Remember that breathing and meditation are great ways to clear your aura. Like any skill, practice is important. The key is to be aware of your body and soul and how it feels throughout your day to stop the tears in your aura when they first occur.

This is just an introduction to the skills possible for self-protection. There is a battle going on between dark and light. Please check back as the world events are moving so quickly, that books will not be published to keep up. I have an advanced post forthcoming on ways to not just survive but thrive during this momentous period in our history.

We can find ways to discover your soul’s purpose, reclaim lost parts of your soul, cleanse and create protection Bubbles as well as help your little ones do their job on the planet with understanding and joy.

Are you ready to join me on this exciting journey?

Endorsed by angels, guides, master teachers, elementals, and the White Hats.

A little started called April in this incarnation.

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