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Why You Can’t Find Lasting Love

So many women I speak with are exhausted by the thought of having to try a new love. They’ve been hurt and mortally wounded and many women have completely shut down. If they do go out on a date, they are guarded, sensitive, and critical of themselves and any potential partners. Have you noticed that…

By April Kirkwood September 12, 2014 0

Joan Rivers – the Queen of Truth

Queen Rivers What is a Queen? Someone who lives with her hurts as well as her triumphs. Someone who holds her head up high. Someone who holds another’s hand in need. Someone who can laugh at their own expense. Someone who leads and knows the value of help. Someone who realizes at the end of…

By April Kirkwood September 7, 2014 0

A ‘Frankie Valli Fan’ Sends a Nasty Email!

Submitted on 2014/08/10 at 2:14 am After reading so much online both ABOUT April and HER personal comments…I find it very hard to believe this woman has two college degrees, was a teacher, counselor, public speaker, etc. She sounds like a “woman scorned” and a moron. For a woman with such education, you should have…

By April Kirkwood August 11, 2014 0