What You Need to Know when You Love a Beautiful Woman

What You Need to Know when You Love a Beautiful Woman

November 3, 2014 3 By April Kirkwood

Everyone wants to be with a beautiful woman!

Everyone stops just for a second and glances as a beautiful woman passes by.  You can almost see into the minds of men fantasizing what it would be like to be her other half.  The thrill of romance, having her on your arm, and calling her, “yours.”  I’ve seen the imaginary drool as men slobber on sidewalk everywhere.

I bet you have too!


However, when you actually date or become the spouse of a real gorgeous women you have to realize that everything has it’s price. So, I think it’s only fair to share with you some of the traits, qualities, and behaviors that come with loving the most expensive candy in the world.


 Eye candy that is.

 “It’s gonna cost ya!”

 6 Honest Truths about Loving a Stunning Female:

1.  She is accustomed to be pursued, flattered, and gifted.  

This is not the girl for a guy who believes his cute smile is going to cut it forever.  Although, she may have fallen for that pout, it’s going to take more, much more.

Being flattered and admired is just another run of the mill day for her.

You better get creative!

2.  A beautiful woman looks that way because she invests in the time to stay that way.

She goes to the gym, works out regularly, which means you may wake up alone every morning or come home after work to an empty house. She’s got to keep that TEN body and it takes time and dedication.

Ms. ‘All That’ also needs nails, toes, facials, Botox, massages, hylights, hair extensions, teeth bleach, waxing, extensions, and contacts.

Then there are the clothes, jewelry, lingerie, bags, coats, scarves, sunglasses, and SHOES!

And who is the honorary keeper of her perfection?

YOU, Big Daddy, YOU!

PS:  That’s not a privilege, it’s a requirement!

 3.  The ‘beautiful’ people always have admirers waiting in the wings.

It takes a self-confident kind of gentlemen to be able to handle the on slot of suiters waiting in the wings.  It’s all part of the entourage that flocked around her that drew her to you in the first place.

AKA Loving the woman of your dreams takes Courage!

 4.  Standing behind her perfection underneath she often feels inferior and has low self-esteem.

The world can be a jealous, vicious place for an attractive woman.  She is often tainted with a history of cat calls from girls at school, back stabbing friends on the job, and family issues that scream out:

“You Spoiled little bitch, who do you think you are?”

Psych 101, patience, and a gentle touch is needed to help her heal.

5. She doesn’t have a lot of good friends. She is often isolated and has little social life.

Women for the most part don’t EVER want to have her hang out with her if she is available.  It’s just too much pressure for all of the females who are coupled up to bare.

The single girls don’t want her out at the clubs where she shines above them.

Some men are too self conscious to even speak to her let alone ask her out.

Don’t over fantasize how fabulous her life is!

6.  Most importantly, remember, “She is needs you!”

You sir, and your love, are more vital to her peace of mind then you know.

Look past the mascara and see the tears.

Look past the boobs and you will see the broken heart. 

Look past the stiletto heels and you will find someone who needs a hand walking through life.

She needs you, don’t forget it.


Love always,

April of Course



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