Beware of Italians from the Old School of Love!

Beware of Italians from the Old School of Love!

November 4, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

It’s just Amore!

For her, and her, and that luscious babe over there.


Have you ever fallen for a handsome Italian?

Did he make you swoon and melt into his arms?

Did he promise you the moon and the stars?

Did he break your heart?

As an Italian myself, my first imprint about lust and passion being Mr. Frankie Valli a true Jersey Italian, I reminisce about all of the experiences with these Romeo’s who have held me passionately by lamp light after more then a few glasses of wine.  Awe, those big brown eyes, the words so memorizing; I have learned a few things about those wonderfully romantic beings called Romeos – things every girl ought to share with her sisters.


Put down the Italian cook book and read these directives, although you are on the right track, these men love great food:

What you need to know before an Italian nibbles on you.

1.  They are the most charming men in the universe.

2. They truly love the entire idea of ‘romance.’

3.  They dress with such style and class.  They know how to dress you up as well.

4. They adore women-their curves, the scent, and the moans of ecstasy.

5. They devour you as though you were their Mama’s homemade pasta enjoying every succulent morsel.

6. The are lovers of gourmet food, fine wine, soft music, and moon lite walks on the beach.

7.  Marriage to them is more of a family necessity, having children, becoming a member of the community and church, and continuing the Italian name.

8.  They worship their Mothers to the point of going from charming to irritating earning the title of Mama’s Boy.

9. Though there is a lack of ‘equality’ in their relationships.  The Double Standard is alive and well with those handsome hunks.

10.  They are devout Catholics though I’m not sure if they get it but they do tithe.

11.  Intimacy is an art to be enjoyed and shared throughout one’s life time.

12.  Sex is not in and of itself necessarily an act of undying devotion and commitment.

13.  They do NOT know the definition of “Monogamous.”

It just makes no sense to them to deny themselves of such a natural pleasure.


They are wonderful as long as you DON’T fall passionately in love for one of them!

Mama Mia!


(Fat  Meatball chance with that one!)

And so I hope to go to Italy one day before I get too old and get pinched (a lot)!

Love always,

April of Course

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