How Women Destroy Men’s Masculinity!

How Women Destroy Men’s Masculinity!

November 5, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

Loving a Woman is Hard!

Pleasing A Woman is Impossible!


We girls want you guys to be strong, masculine, a leader, the head of our home someone we can look to in times of trouble, someone we can trust who will lead and never waiver.


We want you to wash dishes, grow herbs in our gardens, escort the butterfly out of the kitchen door, and watch chick flicks with us never uttering a word of contempt.



We have de-masculated YOU!


We look down at you as we have become superior females and you dear husband have been pushed down the totem pole lacking our respect and wonder in the greatness of your being.

“What a dumb ass! Does he have to ask me how to do everything?”

 Ten Things MEN should NEVER be asked to do:

1. Never wear an apron.

2.  Wash dishes.

3.  Polish their nails.

4.  Get a perm or hi-lights.

4.  Make your beauty appointments. (hair, nails, OBGYN)

5.  Polish your toes.

6.  Give up a good cold beer (unless it’s an addiction issue)

7.  Give up their watching sports.

8.  Throw out his favorite chair.

9.  Get rid of college mementos.

10. Make him BEG for anything.

One Thing You always do with your Man:


Let them think they are always in charge admitting that the next great idea you two make together actually came from him.“Wow!  Honey, your’e so smart.  What would I  ever do without you!”



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