Kim K’s Photo and Motherhood, What Your Kids Know

Kim K’s Photo and Motherhood, What Your Kids Know

November 13, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

Kim Kardashian

Strikes A Match About the responsibility of Motherhood!


By now Kim Kardashian’s national booty shot is viral and in a second it will be old news.  But the twitter rants about this latest PR stunt versus motherhood is a discussion that has been going on for years and still is a relevant dialogue as the lines of self versus motherhood is often blurred.

What are the rules for being a great mom?

 What changes do we need to make to set the right example and be a role model?

As my new book, Big Girls Do Cry, is getting ready to launch, I’ve had to face these very same questions myself.  It’s not black and white, it’s not easy, and it calls for us as a woman to look into the mirror and face the darkest moments in our lives, the dreams of what we want for ourselves as individuals, the mistakes, and a plan for a better tomorrow.

As a mom of two grown children, a guidance counselor and educator for over 25 years, two masters in education; these are some of the truths I wished I had known as you, my sister women of all ages.  You will have difficult and sometimes painful decisions to make wearing the crown of Motherhood.  It is the highest honor that brings with it great challenges as well as great joy.

I can’t tell you how to run your life nor would I ever want to but I will share what I’ve learned, often at the expense of my own children.


 What you MUST know about when you are a Mommy!

  • Children feel the same as us though they can’t cognitively think like us.  Which means, they attribute the blame to much that happens to themselves.
  • Kids have bat ears.  They hear the arguments behind closed doors, the gossip, the events and they do keep it with them in their hearts forever.
  • Our BABIES look to their Mommy’s for EVERYTHING.  From us they learn what love is, self-esteem, stress management, and how to thrive not just survive.
  • Whether you like it or not, modeling is the most influential factor to how kids will act when they grow up.  “Do as I say, not as I do” is total BULLSHIT.

ONE TRUTH to take away from this article Mothers.


You are the most influential being in your child’s life.  It’s not a pill to that goes down smoothly but you have great responsibility and sometimes that means saying NO to your own wants and doing what is best for THEM not YOU.

PS:  They didn’t ask to be born!  Remember that!


April of Course

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