The Ugly Truth About Loving A Celebrity!

The Ugly Truth About Loving A Celebrity!

October 30, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood


To love someone in the limelight

involves a lot of risk and a super healthy ego!


We live vicariously through celebrities and often fantasize about being their spouse, lover, confident, holding in our hands the very keys to their heart.

And although it looks like a fabulous dream with all of the money, power and attention, there’s a lot more behind those magazine covers that only the very strongest and mentally stable can withstand.  Loving someone like this is NOT for the faint of heart.

Personality types NOT suited for mating with those in the fast lane:

  1. Needy
  2. Dependent
  3. Jealous
  4. Conservative/closed minded
  5. Lacking a healthy dose of Self-Esteem
  6. Those who don’t like to spend a lot of time alone.
  7. Those who have NO compelling passion of your own to pursue.

Seriously, look at yourself and be honest.

 Ninety-percent of the population can’t handle this roller coaster life style. Stars themselves have difficulty dealing with the pressure, the schedules, and the paparazzi. It’s not a sin to admit it and walk away; in fact, it’s mature and wise to know your limits.

How many of us could go to Disney every day on Acid

and Survive!


It’s vital to your heart that you are real about who you are and what you desire in a relationship and WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE.

 The TRUTH about loving The Gorgeous, Rich, and Famous

1. They’ve worked enormously hard to earn their success.

People who excel at something do so because they invest their heart and soul in it.  It becomes their entire life.

Therefore, you will never really be first in their lives; no matter how much they may genuinely want it that way. Can you be content being ‘second’ in someone’s thoughts?

2. Successful people are busy people.

Whether it’s a physician on call Christmas morning or a rock band on tour in Europe far from home; no one gets rich and famous on the couch cuddling with their lover.

You will go to many family events alone, spend some holidays alone, and be expected to be cheery through it all.  Do you like being alone in a relationship?

3.  These individuals are not on this journey alone. They belong to something bigger then themselves.

The rich need help, advice, counsel, and support.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a big time attorney or actor.  The wealth they bring in is dependent a a great team.  The larger the bank role, the more extensive the entourage.

As their lover, spouse, whether you like it or not, you my dear have become another piece of the machine that keeps their life afloat and energized.  You may be a key player but there are many others on the court you run on.  Can you share?

 4. Their egocentricity is a natural outcome of how much blood and tears it took to be the best and the praise and admiration they receive from others.

If you become like your surroundings, imagine a world where everyone in your inner circle treats you like a god. Every wish and desire is only a request away.  This wish could often be a one night stand on the side or more. After all, everyone wants them and for the most part, it’s true.

As a partner, you need to realize that they have become bigger then life and they don’t just belong to you but they belong to the entire world, their fans, and their own delusional view of their mindset:  they are entitled.  Can you understand and accept the way others bow down to them and the freebies of all sorts they get?

Yes, I’m sure you will say, “yes, but…..” with visions of Rolls Royces, Cartier, and private jets zooming in your head.


Just remember these cautionary words of advice:

Be careful what you wish for.

Being a celebrity is tough but loving one is down and out DIFFICULT.

Love always,



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