What To Do When You Find Yourself In Hot Water

What To Do When You Find Yourself In Hot Water

September 19, 2016 1 By April Kirkwood

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Even the most well balanced people sometimes end up in what I like to call, hot water.  It’s that place where there’s no where to go. It’s sink or float but your’e not getting out of that steamy place of YUCK.  Your’e in it and it’s uncomfortable. It’s like the time you accepted a job you now hate.  Or, when you lied to a friend and got caught.  Maybe it’s when you put too much on your charge and have very little to make it through the month.

We’ve all been there.


We spend our time tossing and turning in hot water until we can move on, get out, or fix it.  We simmer and sweat as it takes time, thought, and some personal agony to find our way out and in a cool emotional climate. Hopefully, we learn a lesson and never do that again.

There are three ways to handle these boiling scenarios and they are easy to understand when using what we know to demonstrate how this experience either makes or break you.

What happens when you put carrots in a pot to boil?



What do these have to do with how you handle getting burnt in life?

When you get in a jam and it gets the best of you, it can turn you into a mushy mess. You are all smashed up and flattened.  That’s exactly what happens to carrots as they boil! The world has gotten the best of you and you feel depleted and depressed.

If your personal incidents totally take you down and destroy your self worth and ability to stand up for yourself…you, my dear, may be carrot.  Pretty to look like but not much strength or vigor to get back up and get going in your life. Besides, you become a target for playing the victim role in days to come.  Not healthy!

carrots-boilingWhat happens to an egg when we boil it?  It gets hard on the outside.  Have some of your darkest moments in the cauldron of life made your heart hard in hopes of protecting yourself from future emotional assaults?  You might have said to yourself, “That will never happen to me again.”

If so, I understand…but it only causes more unhappiness in the future.  When your protective shell is on, no one can get in to touch your heart, lighten your emotions, and help you heal. That’s not good.  Life is really about love and relationships…even the ones that shatter us. We are here to receive and give love.  Egg shells take a lot of cracking to break.  That’s such a hard way to travel through life.


Strong but shut off….living life in a shell!

There is a better way to get through these learning pains.

514771763_xsBecome a tea bag in the hot waters of life.

When uncomfortable situations arise, as they will, choose not be affected but learn to go with the water, let it mold you, flavor your life with this experience, and become better than before.

 Become one with conflict and it ceases to have power over you.


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