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How Women Manipulate Men

  Do Women Manipulate Men? YES! Men manipulate women all of the time but not with the sophistication and save that women do.  Here are the ways we get you to commit and well, keep the slogan alive and well:  Happy Wife, Happy Life! Women are the heart of the home providing the core of…

By April Kirkwood January 14, 2019 0

What Exactly Is Codependence?

What is Codependency?   Perhaps It’s still confusing. So I decided to bring it down using my old school puppets to help us finally get what codependence looks like.  Enjoy the show!  Let’s hope it’s not very similar to your daily communications with your Significant Others. Quick Summary of Video   Codependency is simply the…

By April Kirkwood December 9, 2018 0

How To Heal From Emotional Abuse

How To Heal From Emotional Abuse “Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” ― Danielle Bernock   What Issues are…

By April Kirkwood October 15, 2018 0