How Women Manipulate Men

How Women Manipulate Men

January 14, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood


Do Women Manipulate Men?


Men manipulate women all of the time but not with the sophistication and save that women do.  Here are the ways we get you to commit and well, keep the slogan alive and well:  Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Women are the heart of the home providing the core of what love is.  She is born within her DNA a sense of nurturing able to calm, protect, and support others.  If applied with honesty,  a female has within her the ability to create a relationship that if filled with joy and companionship.  If her magic is used to manipulate others it hurts all that love stands for.

Here are the three gifts every great woman provides a lover with skillful expertise:

 Security:  It is like the warm blanket that covers you even during the darkest storms of life.

No matter how bad a day we have, knowing there is someone waiting at home that will cuddle and listen to our whine and moan takes the edge off ‘our awful, terrible, no good day’. Knowing that there is a ‘someone’ gives us the courage to try again tomorrow. Two are stronger then one and holding hands through it can lighten the load.

Your lover, your boss, your friends need you and that knowledge inspires you to bring your best to each day. It’s the natural shot of coffee that others bring to the table of your life.

Significance:  When you feel important in the lives of others.

it is wonderful.occurs when you are delicately driving safely because your new born baby is in the car seat in the back and your spouse is waiting at home with supper. Significance urges us to think outside of our doubts bolstering self-esteem by giving a sense that our lives account for something puts a smile on our face.

Self-Worth is a benefit of having the love and respect of a significant other.

When someone believes in your abilities it propels you to go after your dreams. It’s like having a personal coach supporting your growth, independence, and accomplishments. When someone somehow sees more good in you than you do in yourself, it’s better than a B12 shot. It nurtures self-reliance, inner strength, and perseverance.

In summary, gentlemen don’t be hard on yourself if you’ve been duped.  Learn skills to better find someone someone who is genuine and the right one will be sitting by your side riding off into the sunset like you’ve always dreamt of.


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