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The Three Causes of Depression

Three  Causes of Depression by Depression happens to all of us some time during our lives. It’s not a one size fits all condition with an easy fix. The face of depression has such a wide continuum of extreme behaviors it can be confusing to figure out. Either you sleep too much or you don’t…

By April Kirkwood November 6, 2018 0

Are You An Addict?

                After Detox, Now What?     Video One        What is Addiction?                  Summary of YouTube and Podcast One Addiction is not a moral issues, a financial issue, an ethnic issue, or cultural issue. Addiction is an epidemic…

By April Kirkwood April 3, 2018 0

Are you a FOLO?

I have a secret!  I am a recovering FOLO addict!   Just imagine my shock when I realized the truth! I have been married, done the match.com game, worked the rooms, dated and partied with the best…all the while secretly holding the title, Miss FOLO! Oh, what is a FOLO? Well, if you have any…

By April Kirkwood September 28, 2014 0