The Three Causes of Depression

The Three Causes of Depression

November 6, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood

Three  Causes of Depression


Depression happens to all of us some time during our lives. It’s not a one size fits all condition with an easy fix. The face of depression has such a wide continuum of extreme behaviors it can be confusing to figure out. Either you sleep too much or you don’t sleep at all, eat too much, don’t eat enough. Having too much sex, or not having enough sex. The list goes on and on.

What is apparent is that any behaviors that take you off your kind of steady flow of what we like to think is a normal life is a problem.  People are meant to eat, sleep, work, love, and play in moderation and with a positive grin on their face most of the time.

 Why You May Be Depressed

Depression may understandably happen due to some unforeseen event  Death of a love one, a diagnosis of a life threatening illness, or loss of a job.  Depression can be treated with both counseling and psychotropic treatment.

The second cause of depression can be a genetic predisposition when the chemistry in the brain aren’t working right.  Let’ say your life is pretty normal, but you however feel lonely, lost, and isolated most of the time no matter where you go, what you have, and who is with you.

If this is your regular state of mind for months on end, it’s time to get a physical ruling out anything possible medical issues and then proceed to a counselor.

I must in good consciousness tell you about antidepressants.

1.  Once you get on them, you cannot just stop.  You will need to be under a doctor’s care to ween yourself off them.

2.   It takes  up to two weeks for it to feel the effects of the medication you are taking.

3.  You have the responsibility to tell your doctor if you’re not feeling any better and/or if you are feeling suicidal. If things aren’t looking up, it is very serious.

4.  Don’t give up if you don’t find the right anti-depressant right away. Small changes in many milligrams and/or how many times you take them as well as when you take them could be a game changer in their effectiveness.

The Real Reason Most Of The World Is Depressed

People talk about freaking fake news. We are living fake lives. We’re pretending to be what our parents want. We’re pretending to be what we think the world wants. We pretending to be what our partners want. We’re playing the role at work. We’re playing the role of being a parent. Some people don’t like being a parent. I mean, I know a lot of people who are parents that shouldn’t be parents. I know a lot of people that are working in fields and they absolutely hate it or they have burned out.

They are living on non authentic lives and it’s so heartbreaking because this is the only life you get.

This is no flipping dress rehearsal.

Ladies and gentleman,  one person dies every six minutes. The truth is that  after three days after the funeral, everybody goes back to doing their thing.  End of story.

You are miserable because you are disrespecting your very own life.

Life is a gift and you are here to thrive and to learn and to make it the best you can. Wouldn’t you rather it be your own screw up than somebody else’s?

I would rather fail on my own than succeed on somebody else’s dream of what I should be. We are all actors playing parts.  I think we all deserve Oscars.

There’s times that I have played roles  so much that I almost lost who I was.

The funny thing is when you are an imposter, many people see it right away.  You know, you’re not fooling everybody all the time and you’re not fooling yourself at all.

What would it cost for you to stop playing at life?

Not only would your depression leave but this might just be the most freeing experience in your life.

In terms of your life your’e killing your chi, Your Life Force.  You’re actually committing a slow sort of suicide. I mean, talk about throwing yourself off a cliff. You’re doing it every day emotionally, little by little.

When my mother died, it looked like cirrhosis of the liver.  That really wasn’t the cause of her death. She had been killing herself for years because she didn’t have the courage to step out from under all of the crap she tried to be for all the wrong reasons.

You are depressed because also you disrespect yourself. You’re filled with self-loathing on should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.

So just do it.

Stop the should haves, could haves, would haves, unless you are doing something against the law, which is a no, no, or harming another human being animal, anything.

Talk to someone about it. A friend, a family member, if your nervous seek am online counselor.

Your’e 60. You want to put some pink dye your hair, do it.

You are 40. You want to go back to college and change careers, do it.

I mean you might not be able to do it the way a 20 year old willbecause you have responsibilities, but still one class at a time. Chip away.

Get there self-loathing, living a fake life, and the third thing people do is they’re not connected source.

What is source?

Your soul’s longing to be home emerged in the warm of love, belonging, and acceptance. . Some people are lonely in a crowd of thousands. Some people are strangers in their own family. Some people are strangers. When they look in the mirror, they have no connection to something warm and intimate and loving.

I don’t care if you call it God, Holy Father, higher power. I don’t care what you call it. It’s like angels. I don’t care if you call them guides. Angels, higher self, or  Holy Spirit.

It’s hard to imagine not being alive.  You cannot imagine not existing, can you? I can’t. It’s like I wasn’t always here because I and you were always here.  You will always be. You may shed your glove, which is your skin, but you my friend will always be.

It could happen for you. Connect. It’s like you’re this beautiful, magnificent toaster, beautiful toaster. Imagine it shiny, colorful, and you don’t work. You know why you don’t work, honey? Because you don’t plug into the energy force and what is the energy force being connected to source, living authentically, learning, striving, always getting up to accomplish one new thing. Whether it’s learning how to plant tomatoes in your backyard, like your grandma got a denials and my grandma got it. We’re learning a new language or learning how to save money or learning how to exercise or learning how to get a dog to pee on the paper. It’s the little things in life. I have gone to hospice to do volunteer work and you know, every single time I asked somebody what they like most about life, it had nothing to do with a dollar bill or their college or their house or their home or their vacations. Once you live authentically, you will raise your energy level and you will attract people who are looking for you. There are people looking for you because why? Because they want what you have: life.

 I love you. I praise you.

I appreciate you. You are God’s child.

Great things happened to you.

Nothing can stop it.

And so it is.


Your’e perfect just as you are. Shed all that is an authentic, and if you don’t know where to start, that’s okay too.

I very rarely no where to start. I begin one step at a time and I just let God drive my car because I guess I’m not very good driver anymore!

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April of Course


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