Why Are You Really Getting A Divorce?

Why Are You Really Getting A Divorce?

January 9, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

I think marriage gets a bad rep.  If it weren’t for marriage, our society would probably have fallen apart long long ago.  It pains me to realize so many of us feel like marriage is a ‘let’s see how it goes’ kind of contract.  A contract that we slip in and out of like the purchase of a condo.

But in the face of that, I believe that marriage is an important ingredient in lasting love.  It’s time to get rid of the excuses and talk about how and why divorce is a plague upon society and an heartbreak to children who experience it.

Why Do People Actually Get Divorced?

You May be Surprised!



We don’t cherish much any more.  After all, almost everything is replaceable; right? Keeping marriage alive and well takes commitment.  It takes being awake and aware of everything  that is being said and unsaid.  It takes going out of your way when you’re tired and doing what they want.  Why?  Because that is what people in love do.

How?  By Talking and listening.  Not fake listening.  Not fake talking.  Get real.  Real is what love is about.

Lack of Communication

We say we talk but we bullshit both ourselves and them.  Do you have the courage to say, “I feel we are drifting apart?”  Do you ever say, “I’m not happy when you do that?”  Or, “Do you have wonder why we don’t have sex anymore?”

Small talk is great for office politics and after church functions but inside the living organism the water of genuineness is what keeps a marriage thriving.

It may hurt at the beginning to speak so candidly, but not near as much as sitting in a courtroom decided who gets what.

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