The Secret Weapon for Better Relationships!

The Secret Weapon for Better Relationships!

November 26, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

How do we show someone we care?

 How can we tell if someone feels the same?


Think of the last time someone really got to you by a simple touch.  No words, no gestures; just a touch. It is a language in itself bonding people more closely then any other communication.

Can you feel it right now?

The first time his hands reach out for you.  His hands covering yours, pushing, pressing, pulling you closer; every part of your being becoming more alive then ever before; just by a touch.

 There is a test of sorts to see what the touch reveals about your relationship; louder then words, more impressive then gifts, more honest then we know.

The health of a committed enduring relationship is 

NOT how often your honey touches you,

BUT how often your significant other responds to YOUR touch.


Your husband reaches in and grabs your waist to pull you close.  Do you return with an embrace or laugh and push him away?

You reach out to take your guy’s hand in the mall.  After a few more steps, he gently takes his hand and puts it back in his pocket.

Your new guy puts his hand on your leg at dinner, you reach down and squeeze his hand in a warm way.

The ultimate measure of your relationship is

in they respond to YOUR Touch!

ADVICE:  If you want to let someone know you still love them, when they reach out to you, reach back, grab,nuzzle, cuddle, bite, and whatever else your little heart comes up with.

Stay alert my friends. Love sends messages everywhere giving us warnings, red flags, and truth.

“Kiss me baby one more time.”



Love always,


April of Course

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