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Apr 08

Detox, Now What? Finding Your Truth

Wake up! You haven’t been yourself in a very long time. You have become a stranger to others but most importantly to yourself.  If you at loss where to go, since your wisdom and good judgment is a little rusty…..lean on what you have in front of you to wake you up. Writing down and …

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Apr 06

Finding YOUR Truth From Others

Three of After Detox, Now What! Recap to: Finding Your Truth Series in Others   “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest Sometimes it seems almost impossible to find our personal truth, especially when addiction has tricked you into believing you need to have something so …

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Aug 17

It’s All About You In Matters Of The Heart

After the smoke clears of heartache and disappointments in life, then what? Return to your true self, your happy self, the self that is free as a child filled with wonder and love. Yes, it can happen no matter your age or experiences to see love and life with rose colored glasses. Join us on …

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Aug 07


What You’ll Need to Know if You’re in a New Lesbian Relationship

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May 12

The Five Dirty D’s of a Successful Life

 Let’s Get Real! If you want a reality check about your life, write your story. It only costs about a few bucks at The Dollar Store to get a notebook and a pencil.  Yes, I said pencil.  The very act of rubbing off the incorrect thoughts and feelings is in and of itself so cleansing. …

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