What does an enlightened life look like?

What does an enlightened life look like?

April 19, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

Enlightenment is considered a gift bestowed upon by a  few while the rest of us become more zombie like hungry for truth and desperate for fulfillment. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What is Enlightenment?

An enlightened human being realizes and feels a soulful oneness with God.  End of story.  So, as you can imagine, there are billions on the planet at this very instant following divine guidance, living in love, and doing their life’s work.   Therefore, most of us are enlightened.

Welcome Enlightened being.  I love you and I’m glad to be in this time in history with you as we ascend more quickly learning our lessons more rapidly and finding joy from knowing our truth: we are God’s children.

So, if you aren’t sure how it’s going.  This is how I’ve found from my studies and personal experience this entire ‘enlightenment’ gig evolves in each of us.

Changes that happen to those on the ‘Enlightened Path’

  1. Negative thoughts change more quickly to positive as we continue to grow in spirit.  For example, you have a fight with someone.  At one time you would pout and be in a pissy mood all day.  Now you feel better in an hour realizing it’s silly to let this ruin your day.  After all you think, “I’m so blessed.  I really appreciate this moment driving in my car with my morning coffee.”
  2. The mind begins to respond instead of reacting.  There comes a sense of stillness in tense situations that weren’t there as much before.  Waiting to hear all of the events, stopping to think, and slowly responding with a sense of calm overrides the one time off the chain, impulsive rebel who went off when provoked.
  3. Feelings become more positive and sincere with both ourselves and others.  It becomes clear that you have a new perspective that is softer, more understanding, and patient then you did before.  For example, a lady snaps at you in the grocery store.  She seems irritable.  Instead of staring her down with a negative vibe, you smile and ask if she’d like to go ahead of you.
  4. You become more secure even when things go off track.  There’s a feeling about you that it will all work out even though you have no idea whatsoever how or what that would look like. Fearful thinking is subsiding and you seem more at peace.

The beauty of all of this is that the moments one of these happen in your being, the more it happens again and again until these oneness opportunities with spirit grow to be the majority of your actions and reactions to life’s lessons.




I love you.

I praise you.

I appreciate you.

You are God’s child.

Great things happen to you.

Nothing can stop it.




Love always,



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