How A Narcissist Plays Games With Your Mind

How A Narcissist Plays Games With Your Mind

November 29, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood




How A Narcissist Thinks:

 We’re talking about dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Who is the devil?  Your very own narcissist!



These are the comments they make to manipulate, control, and destroy your courage.  They want to conquer and divide so they have you in their corner to continue the facade of greatness.

You are upset about their flirting ways. They look stunned and respond:

“You’re crazy!  You’re irrational! You’re nuts!”

They embarrass you in public so you actually look like a hot mess:

“You’re over reacting and making a scene. You are embarrassing me.”

 Their intention is to diminish the respect others have for you which gives them power and respect.

They take any request you make and switch it around:

“It’s all about you. I’m sorry but sometimes it’s actually about me. You are selfish!”

This is the trick of projection.  In actuality, it is all about them.

They are constantly demeaning:

“You’re so lucky you have me.  No one else would put up with you.”

The narcissist is filled with self-loathing.  They are empty inside and any value they feel comes from outside of themselves.  They are afraid of being found out and as long as they can keep people kissing their behind, listening to their elaborate stories of self-adulation, and keeping an audience, they feel, at least momentarily, that they are ok.

If you find yourself with a person that makes these negative comments to you, it’s time to rethink the relationship.


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I love you. I praise you. I appreciate you. 

You are God’s childGreat things happen to you.

Nothing can stop it.So it is!

Love always,April and the AK Team

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