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4 New Romance Rules for 2019

1.  Nice guys are now HOT! Women are getting smarter, rescuing themselves from making bad choices in love. They have the idea that ‘bad boy’s make ‘bad relationships.’  Females are no longer swept away by playboys that keep them dangling on a string.  It is no longer enticing to continually be left wondering if your…

By April Kirkwood March 6, 2019 0

How to Deal with Addiction

  Addiction is no one’s favorite topic, but it is something that must be discussed.   It affects many people, and you should never feel alone if you, too, are going through this. The question is, how should you deal with it? For starters, you shouldn’t make excuses, simply because you don’t want to quit.…

By April Kirkwood January 31, 2019 0

How Women Manipulate Men

  Do Women Manipulate Men? YES! Men manipulate women all of the time but not with the sophistication and save that women do.  Here are the ways we get you to commit and well, keep the slogan alive and well:  Happy Wife, Happy Life! Women are the heart of the home providing the core of…

By April Kirkwood January 14, 2019 0