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Holistic Steps for Resolving Anger

The Way of Enlightenment and Steps For Resolving Anger (With me,  April of Course) When I found out that my soon to be ex-husband was dating my cousin, after we had been intimate the night before, I totally felt like I lost consciousness.  I couldn’t even process the words spewing out of my mouth when…

By April Kirkwood April 30, 2019 0

Save Your Marriage For The Holidays!

How to Get Along With In-Laws and Help Your Marriage! It becomes a battle over power.  Silly, one person two people love can destroy the very thing we try to protect.  Parents often feel like the new spouse has taken their baby.  Spouses often feel jealous of their very natural and unconditional favoritism their parents…

By April Kirkwood April 17, 2019 0

How My Mother’s Troubles Led Me to a Better Life

Let us love those who have this disease with understanding and forgivingness while creating a space for our safety and wellbeing. We do not let a child run into traffic, but we let those with personality disorders destroy themselves and others in their path. It makes no sense, yet no one does anything. If my book creates a space for conversations about this, my life will not have been in vain.”

By April Kirkwood April 11, 2019 0