5 Things to Get You Back on Your Feet

5 Things to Get You Back on Your Feet

May 15, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

Getting back on your feet after a workplace injury can be difficult, especially if the injury has debilitated you for a long period of time, or you are feeling effects on your mental health. To combat this and ensure that you are able to get back on your feet, there are some simple methods to help you to start living life to the full again.


1.Claim Compensation

Firstly, it is important that if you are struggling due to financial loss, that you seek compensation for your injury. Workplace injuries can incur significant financial strain on you and your family from a loss of full wages and any money you may need to pay for your recovery, such as private treatment. However, compensation aims to reverse the financial effects of the injury by paying out enough for you to get back on your feet monetarily. At the-compensation-experts.co.uk, you can speak to their expert team of solicitors who can help you to make your claim and will guide you throughout the process.


2.Rest After the Injury

Although it can be tempting to get up and go immediately, you will recover faster in the long run if you take the time to rest, especially in terms of the area of your injury. Resting will improve both your physical and mental health, and you should speak to your friends and family to see if they can offer you any support with household and everyday tasks to take the weight off of your mind. You should also take the time to speak to family and friends about your injury if you need to, as this will help the recovery process by allowing you to work through your feelings.



3.Recover Slowly

You should also ensure that you take the time to recover rather than rush straight back into work. This will ensure that you deal with the emotional side of recovery as well as the physical. Injury is a long and non-linear process, and you should work on accepting the emotions that you are feeling and understanding that your recovery will take time, especially in terms of returning to work and the emotional impact. 


4.Partake in Self-Care

You should also practice methods of self-care when you are recovering as this will help you to get back onto your feet by doing activities that you enjoy and that will allow you to recover more quickly. Self-care could be anything from a long bubble bath to an afternoon spent with your favorite hobby, and it is important that you take this into consideration as a way to start up your daily life again and to help you to get onto your feet after the injury.



5.Consider Returning to Work

When the time does come to return to work, or to seek a new job if you feel unsafe, you should do this with caution. You should only return to work when you are fully recovered from your injury, and you should arrange a meeting with your employer to discuss your return and any issues that you may still be facing, including accessibility.

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