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Why I Wrote Working My Way Back To Me and the Workbook

“It’s NOT a FRANKIE Valli thing: It’s a FAMILY Dysfunction thing! It’s a WOMAN thing!   I wrote this book because I wanted to understand why in the world any woman (ME) would waste her time loving anyone who didn’t love her back.  Why do so many of us worship men who have no clue …

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The Key To A Richer Life

  I believe men and women, without exception, want to live a decent, fulfilling life. We start out as children filled with happy giggles, dreams of wonder, believing that anything is possible. The world, doing what they feel is best, works to place us in boxes with labels describing and outlining the rules in which …

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KDKA Morning Show, Pittsburgh, PA – April Kirkwood and How To Be Happy After Heartache

Speaker April Kirkwood, M.Ed. describes why she’s finally happy with her Frankie Valli story! KDKA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Morning Show (Watch below) http://www.msn.com/en-au/health/watch/april-kirkwood-discusses-book-big-girls-do-cry/vp-AAh29qE Almost one year from today, the release of my memoir, Big Girls Do Cry,  came out sharing my truth about my three decade affair with Mr. Frankie Valli of The 4 Seasons and the …

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Fan Releases Video on Big Girls Do Cry Book Release – April Kirkwood Responds

Key points of Hater Video Excepts from video:      “Good evening everybody, this is Pamela Jo Parish. I’m going to say my piece about April Kirkwood’s new book. I’m anxious to read it. I’m getting it and I’m going to read it and I’m going to decide for myself whether Frankie had the affair …

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