Why I Wrote Working My Way Back To Me and the Workbook

August 5, 2018 2 By April Kirkwood

“It’s NOT a FRANKIE Valli


It’s a FAMILY Dysfunction thing!

It’s a WOMAN thing!


I wrote this book because I wanted to understand why in the world any woman (ME) would waste her time loving anyone who didn’t love her back.  Why do so many of us worship men who have no clue who we are and worse; no desire to see what makes us happy nor wants to please us.  We love, we give, we moan and often do it again and again with similar men who aren’t capable or willing.


I have no time to spend pointing fingers.  I have no energy to spend on anger or resentments.  I want to know love on every level and live it fully until I take my last breath.  It’s strange when you ask for help it appears. I happened to stumble upon a brave  and a respected author, Don Givens, that decided he wanted to join me on this adventure.  We we found together may seem awful filled with family dysfunction and issues of addiction, rumors of molestation, and adultery.  The characters are deeply complex and I love each one of them.  Through this process I grew, healed, and became passionate to help others heal from trauma that has hidden them from finding and keeping romance.

Let’s start the conversation.  Read the book. Google it.  See how it might apply to heartache that seems unending.  It does end.  There is a workbook that is out and you will begin to understand love, life, and healing.


Because if I can be brave and do it, so can you!

Love and Light,


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