The Prescription for a withered Aura

March 25, 2020 0 By April Kirkwood
How beautiful it would be if all of us, young and old, men, and women, devoted ourselves wholly to truth in all that we might do.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Discovering YOUR Aura – Part One

Dear Souls,

For most of us, this is the first time in many of this incarnation that our world has radically turned into a scary too real to believe Sci-Fi movie. The world as we know has stopped like never before. This universal Covid-19 pandemic does not discriminate. This virus is new and seems to be able to overtake us at a whim without warning with a high morbidity rate for certain populations.

It is tapping at each and every door, invoking fear, uncertainty, causing economic disarray, and loss of life.

In short, we’re freaking out. Even the coolest of people are sweating it out. Let’s not forget that our anxiety level is already a mental health epidemic and this will only propel us to jump off the ledge.

Our economy is in the toilet and there is no tissue paper to wipe our asses or dry our tears, where basic needs may cause yet another catastrophe.

As a counselor, my ears perk up at I get a lot of comments with friends and family members asking, “Is this the beginning of the end times? Is it the Dawn of the New Age?” “Should we be afraid?” “What can I do?”

I believe this cataclysmic phenomenon has already begun. We see drastic climate change, unpredictable weather trends, and the loss of wildlife.

But more importantly, I see a difference in the population as a whole. There were always a few pristine people and then some really troubled folks. However, most of us fell somewhere into just ‘normal’ people who weren’t perfect but weren’t criminals.

I see the climate of Earth divided by two energies. One half evolving as lightworkers and the others filled dominated by the ego-driven with fear and internal rage.

Here’s where you come in and why this is vital to your incarnation at this moment.

What I do know is if you are reading this it is by no accident. You have planned to be born at this time and have taken on the esteemed honor of being a light worker. You know who you are. Even though our outside appearance, demographics, and life style may be diverse, be sure you are here to guide others.

I am going to be devoting this small packet to help you protect yourself so you can keep up the cause of spreading love and light to all.

You are one of a kind predestined to be here in the evolution of your soul to experience, learn, and guide others to the light.


Step One in the Prescription for a withered Aura

We will begin with the aura as it is often altered during daily life and interactions. It’s important to realize that your aura is the field of energy that flows closely around your body and extends up to twelve inches from it in all directions acting as a protective force field. (Above, below, in front, and behind your body)

The aura is composed of your consciousness which is the seat of our soul’s knowing. A healthy aura is light and clear. The flow of energy is fast and you are happy, optimistic, forgiving, and loving. You feel positive and attract more positive energies to you.

Feel Your Aura Practice

-Rub your hands for a few minutes.
-Shake them out.
-Rub your hands again.
-Separate your hand a few inches and feel the sensation vibrating. It is as though you are a radio picking up vibrations everywhere.

When you feel it some may be hot, cold, or cause tingles to run up your arm. Mine always feels cool.

I do this exercise with kids and they love it. They can’t touch each other but must feel the other person’s energy and describe it.

A healthy aura needs to be kept whole and untethered. It is important to feel your best to do your work on the planet because it is composed of your consciousness about all that is occurring.

When your consciousness is fearful, angry, sick, sorrowful, resentful, aggressive, or vindictive, the aura becomes

Part of the lightworker arsenal is we must have weapons of self-care to arm ourselves of the emotional debris tearing away the very fiber of our being.

You experienced it a thousand times but perhaps just thought it was you or that you were imagining it. You weren’t. It can be a regular occurrence with the same person that goes with the motions of being on your team but leaves you feeling drained. Or perhaps, you have such great intentions to spend a great evening with your lover but the mood goes soil and the night is doomed to negative comments and nasty looks.

At the extreme, your entire life seems dismal leading to addiction, trauma, mental health issues, and worse.

It begins with the negativity attacking our aura…that essence of our soul that is embodied in our bodies.


As a lightworker we are often more empathic, work in helping fields, and walk openly for the world to see. All of that is exactly what you should be doing but we must learn the process of observing not absorbing it. I struggle as an empath daily and will continually be adding more tips to help you. But here are the essentials quickies I use as life is quickening and the world can’t wait for us to sit on a mountain top each morning contemplating the questions of the universe.

Also, as a lightworker, we have the utmost job of collectively calming others and the world when we find peace and harmony within ourselves. You are most powerful when your consciousness is clear and your vision breaks.

Tips and Practices


  • Do morning, before bed, and when people piss you off.
  • Imagine the bottom of your feet absorbing the center pink of Mother Earth and let it move up and out of the top of your head until you are surrounded in pink light.
  • Take off your shoes and walk on the earth.
  • Hug a tree or touch some dirt.


  • Yarrow in flower essence is used to balance and protect from any disruption of our energy systems caused through the vibrations of others. ( I get a mixture from Amazon that tastes delightful: Mama Wonderbar LLC. It’s called, JOY, Organic Euphoria Elixir Droplets Herbal Supplements.


  • There are so many stones to study and they all are magnificent but to cut the cords with other people’s toxic energy I go for Black Kyanite. Hold it in your dominant hand and place the intention saying out loud three times: “I am protected” while drawing a circle around your body to set a strong boundary. Carry in pocket or bra during the day.

Cleanse Weekly

  • I put in a bowl of sea salt on the window sill but there are many other cleansing practices. You can use a bundle of sage to smudge your home, do a wonderful cleansing yoga flow, listen to a cleansing meditation, whatever feels good to you and your soul.

The Warrior

  • I love this. I do it all of the time. I cut the perimeter of someone with an invisible sword. I know it sounds mean but sometimes we really need to cut away from them.

Lightworkers….we are here and we will make a difference.

You can always reach out to me when you sleep,

Second star to the right, straight on til morning. I’ll be at the starlight cafe eating fairy cakes and honeysuckle tea.

I love you, I praise you, I appreciate you. You are God’s child. Great things happen to you. Nothing can stop it. So it is!

Love always,

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Part Two concentrates on the three major ways

your aura is compromised. They are as follows:
-psychic attack
-psychic pollution
-psychic tears

Recognition of your aura
Awareness of changes in it throughout the day.
Grounding to begin each day and any time you feel you are being invaded by darkness leaving it feel sticky or like sludge.
Immediate steps needed to remove

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