Identify the Storms of LIFE that damage your AURA

April 17, 2020 0 By April Kirkwood

Discovering YOUR Aura –

Goal: To Observe, not absorb the energy of others.

To be your best self you need an arsenal to protect your soul. 

Let’s face it. The New Age is upon age us and more then ever, you must be on your toes. 

It is a war of positive versus negative, love versus fear, and light versus dark. The lines are being drawn in the sand.  

Aura protection is one of several methods lightworkers use to keep in alignment with a positive vibration. When you learn these skills, feel free to check into your aura anywhere and often during the day. This is a life long practice.     

“ Auras are like a signature, each as individual as the person they surround.”

– Gina Allan

Dear Souls:

Do you know now that you are composed of pure energy that has been around for many lifetimes bringing in your soul contract, memories, and karma? Just watch a child.  They are so free and full of creativity no matter who or what is near. They are free from other’s energy. That is what we want to desire. We want a safe place to be our best selves to discover and grow and make mistakes without judgment.

But the eventual creeps in and the ego in each of us challenges and corrupts our best intentions. Your energy affects others and manifests itself outward with the capacity to cause great damage to our health and wellbeing of others and ourselves.

It’s true.   

Sad to admit, many of the feelings that we have towards people are not because of what they say or do, but significantly felt by what their energy says about them and their true thoughts and beliefs about you. Many of the worst assaults come unintentionally from friends, lovers, and family.

Many astrologists and spiritualists believe, as do I, the new age is upon us and began a few years ago.  This transformation will continue to become more apparent to all on the planet. 

 Even if you, like myself, have messed up along the way, do not falter.  Gather your strength and push forwards with your energy and the capacity to heal or hurt our world as we know it.

Much love,

The Storms of Life You Face Every Day

and What to Do About Them

The aura is most comparable to a fine net that collects and sticks to bad vibes.  There are several types of what I call “storms”, from a quick shower to a tsunami. I use these visualizations to help you make connections to the terms.

I want you to memorize these facts for identification and knowing what you are dealing with and how best to get back on the sunny side of life.  They are in ascending order from lowest to those that create the most violent damage to your energy field.

NOTE:  Sensitive and empathic souls are more vulnerable to aura attacks.

Psychic Pollution

This is the mildest form of exposure to negative energy.  These vibrations cling to your aura which is more like a fishnet or cobweb.  These produce milder states of anxiety and nervousness. Yes, this form can make you sick if you are exposed on a regular basis.

For example, you go into work.  The receptionist that you pass every morning gives you the cold shoulder. You’ve decided to ignore it but notice that you feel different every day.  I mean, you think to yourself, “I’m pretty happy but when I’m at work I just feel blah. That is a form of rejection and those vibes get caught in your aura.  Having to bare this kind of treatment five days a week multiplied by one year of being in that workplace does it’s damage. 

Those who work in service jobs, education, mental health, hospitals, funeral homes, and senior living communities are especially at risk for absorbing the unconscious vibes of others.  

Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks occur when someone willfully or consciously is sending you negative energy. You will recognize this if your mood suddenly changes, start feeling nervous or irritable for no apparent reason.

For example, you go to your mother-in-law’s and you always feel uncomfortable.  She says the ‘right’ things but it doesn’t ‘feel’ right and it puts you in a defensive cranky mood for ‘no apparent reason.’  Secretly, your mother-in-law doesn’t truly honor your true self, accept you as one of her own, and is judging you looking for what is wrong.  You know, but if you say it, you look like a nut.  

Since being with your mother-in-law is a given.  I mean, neither one of you is leaving the family, this becomes a vicious sublet cycle.

Aura Trauma

When we are presented with events that hinder a person’s ability, we call it trauma.  It was once believed that trauma had to be dramatic, which of course that causes trauma. However, we are now beginning to realize that any event that upsets our ability to cope, causes feelings of helplessness, diminishes their sense of self and their ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences. The longer we live, the more inevitable it is that we will experience trauma.  Those statistics are staggering. Virtually I believe we all have trauma and it is never spoken of, shared, or healed.  

In terms of your aura, frequent fights, arguments, and trauma and the dark, dense energy it encompasses actually tears and rips leaving openings and weakened areas around our body.  

Aura trauma causes us to go off balance becoming even more vulnerable to more of what we have experienced.  This is in agreement with the law of attraction.  

Other ways the aura becomes torn include drug abuse, alcoholic states, sexual assault, and extreme fear or anger due to these intense imbalances in energy flow.

For example, two individuals trying to get and stay sober alone is very difficult as there is not light healing energy to mend them and their cycles of relieving and blending with low energy cycles over and over again.

This deep kind of healing needs others.  Please, please find a loving and wise support person.  

This week I want you to become aware of how you feel in certain places and with certain individuals.  Space has energy and can affect the aura as well.  

KNOW THIS: Learning to love yourself is the antidote to move relationships battles.  It heals the aura and emotion.

Upcoming: Part three discusses practices on clearing your aura. 

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** Special note: Due to COVID-19, please do not light candles or use sage to cleanse.  I have been told by a few intuitive that it is a possibility that the virus may try to attach to it and linger more in your personal space.

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