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How To Get Other People To Treat You

  How To Get Other People To Treat You! It’s Time to Get Back In The Driver’s Seat With these tips! Number one, don’t ever assume that people know how to treat you seriously, okay? They probably weren’t treated well themselves. They probably have their own stuff. They probably don’t even know how to drive…

By April Kirkwood November 26, 2018 0

My Take On Senator Jeff Flake Confrontation In Elevator

Four Positive Things To Takeaway on the Senator Jeff Flake Confrontation Hi, my name is April Kirkwood. I am an author and a Mental Health Counselor, Aka a therapist with a new book out, Working My Way Back to Me, about my personal adventures through early childhood trauma. Talking about trauma Have you ever been in an elevator and everybody…

By April Kirkwood October 8, 2018 0