A Phone Call from a Frankie Valli Fan!

How dare you talk about Frankie like that with the children around!

women smoking and screaming

I am flying off to do my first interview on The Inside Edition Show with Deborah Norville and I get off the plane with this voicemail from a New Jersey area code.  I immediately listened thinking it might be someone from the show.  Omg.  This female voice that sounded like a husky smoking gargle went off the chain on me.  She started off yelling, condemning me for letting this information out, of course, when the very week the movie, Jersey Boys came out. She says, “How could I do that to Frankie.”

Then she proceeds to scold me about my children and his children knowing about this. It was odd now in retrospect.  She didn’t say I was lying.  She said I was wrong for ruining Frankie’s big weekend.  Seriously!  I painfully listened to the voicemail a few times to make sure I got the message she was trying to convey.  Each time my stomach got a little sicker as though as I was inhaling the poison and tar lingering in her chest.  I couldn’t think about anything else for days.  Was she right?  Was I wrong to tell my story?  Why is it when men brag about their conquests it is considered a badge of honor.

When a woman reaches out with her story it is a breach of secrecy between a man and a woman.  And, who thinks our grown up kids don’t already know the truth.  Kids know more then we care to admit.  As for the caller, she ruined a few restful nights until my son said, “Mom, people are going to say crap like that.  It’s part of being in the public eye.  We love you and know you are a great person.  F. them Mom.”

So I pulled up my big girls panties and continue to write and share and love those who understand and walk past those who don’t.

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  1. After reading so much online both ABOUT April and HER personal comments…I find it very hard to believe this woman has two college degrees, was a teacher, counselor, public speaker, etc. She sounds like a “woman scorned” and a moron. For a woman with such education, you should have better command of the English language and better spelling skills.

    There are many of us out here who love Frankie and the success he has achieved. His music will outlast your book by million years. You are NOT writing to teach others about the pitfalls of romance. You are venting your own feelings and trying to hurt Mr. Valli in the process. You should be ashamed of the whole situation …not revealing it to the world for whatever your reasons..

    For you to open your broken heart and pour all this stuff out NOW, when he is at the pinnacle of his career, when his life story movie is coming out, is downright revenge. What did you plan to accomplish by doing this?? You did not have to tarnish his reputation in such a way at this time!!!

    Signed: A Frankie Fan forever.

    1. April Kirkwood says:

      Hello dear bluginer17@yahoo.com:

      Much of what is written or listed in this blog is not my writing, which means a lot of the spelling errors are journalistic in nature and I have no control over them; just as I have no control over the way the press exaggerates stories of all sorts to sell papers.

      Also, I am not scorned at all. In fact, I am so happy that I have had this learning experience to share with others. Of course, it hurt to know the mistakes I’ve made but now I can take this and help others and share the good news; there is a better way to select our mates and get off the ferris wheel.

      I too love Frankie and always will though sad to say, he is NOT in any way at the heighth of his career. He will, though, be remembered and immortalized forever through his music and I do not in any way hold him responsible for his lack of judgment during his years in the spotlight. Many people, including myself, do things when they are young and especially those who are famous that they regret as they mature. It is part of life.

      As for the timing, no one can say when healing moments arrive. There are other incidents and people that assisted in the timing which can only best be described as syncronicity. I only know that when the student is ready the teacher arrives. If it weren’t for the much publicized Broadway show and Frankie’s honest disclosure on subjects such as this relationship, I probably wouldn’t have been moved to look at my own life. On some level, it is he who started this conversation on the stage for the world to hear. I am only resounding to my own edge of his story.

      In addition, you asked what I have to profit from this. My daughter married a musician and I have had the opportunity to have several positive conversations with her as I have gone through healing many areas in my life. I now hope this story will encourage others who have gone through similar experiences with bosses, teachers, pastors, government officials and others in positions of power.

      I am so happy you are a fan. The movie didn’t do well in the theaters. Who knows, perhaps the book when it debuts will help with DVD sales. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and the opportunity to respond. As the song says, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – for long anyway.


      A Frankie Fan forever.

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