Feature Article on DigitalRomanceInc.com : So You Want Closure!? (Part One)

Feature Article on DigitalRomanceInc.com : So You Want Closure!? (Part One)

September 18, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood

After all of this time the thought of your breakup still nauseates you. Your mind seems to cycle from depression to anger then despair and around again. You start to wonder,

“Have I totally lost it? Why can’t I move on?”

So You Want Closure!?You’ve changed hair styles twice since he left you. Your best friends shut you down when you utter the same monotonous, repetitive questions trying to figure out why he didn’t love you. You have a stack of self-help books by your bed.

The amount of energy you’ve expended could literally blow up his car trying to retrace the steps from “I love you” to “We’re done.” Your inner mantra: “Why did he choose her?  Why not me? I must know before I can go insane.”

Have you heard these thoughts rumbling in that precious little head of yours?

No matter how many people tell you to ‘let it go,’ you are determined feeling that closureis just what you need to heal your heart. Well, here goes my fragile romantic. The very least anyone can offer are a few heartfelt tips to coach you through this painful tunnel so you return from a zombie to a real human being again.

Tips for Entering His Space and Getting Closure:

1. Timing Is Everything, Especially NOW

Reach out indiscriminately protecting both your egos. AKA – walking up to him at a family wedding when he’s dancing with his date is NOT a good time, not even close to a good.

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