Author: April Kirkwood

April Kirkwood, LPC is a vetted therapist, published author, and TedX speaker providing innovative methods untiling Eastern and Western practice and moving in the direction of accelerated spiritual ascension and healing where typical counseling falls short. Her studies and heartaches have taken her deeper into guidance found in soul contracts as well as healing and protective practices needed now more than ever. She assists others in connecting with their life purpose, finding the reasons and lessons they've come to master, and the purpose of others in their lives. Her one-of-a-kind content is creating a movement that wakes up others and Star seed children providing protection practices, soul retrieval, and guidance to prepare for 5D life on heaven on earth. The new vibrations are greatly affecting mind, body, and soul as never before in each of us as never before. Let's clear out old karma, contracts, and agreements from thousands of lifetimes for both ourselves and our lineage. You've chosen to be one of the healers of this new dispensation. Welcome home. Let's win. Let's raise the frequency of ourselves and those near and dear to us. Here to teach, guide, and love you. Grateful to serve, April

Renew Your Joy in Life!

Why is it that we can’t find lasting happiness? Here are 5 ways to make 2020 YOUR new year! In the olden days when young people were asked what their goals were for life, they said a good job and a family. Today our youth say that they want fame and fortune. What does that…

By April Kirkwood January 3, 2020 0

Are You a Love Addict?!

Ask yourself these six questions to tell if you might be addicted to L-O-V-E! Joining a gym to firm up is wonderful; mortgaging your car and flying to a foreign country to get a boob job from some quack because he loves big breasts is NOT. Wanting to know his buds is normal; writing a…

By April Kirkwood December 20, 2019 0

Why She Covets Designer Labels

You poor guys.  You just don’t get it! So, on behalf of all women everywhere, I am attempting to take one for the team enlightening the men you love and the men who love you as well. Guys listen up and try to get in touch with your feminine side: I want to explain why…

By April Kirkwood December 17, 2019 0