Take Back Your Life: Step Out of the Shadows and Into the Light

January 10, 2020 0 By April Kirkwood

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IT’S TIME!! …Way passed time to Find Your Truth and Claim your bliss.

You haven’t a second to waste.

Daily joy is waiting!

Our childhood conjures up all sorts of dreams for the roles to come as adults.

The ego tells us that wise and beautiful girls grow up to marry well. Men are to become successful in business, and the American Dream is the best road map to acquiring life long bliss.

These messages get installed so deeply within us very early on and their chains are strong. We take on the beliefs as our own. Our little minds repeat over and over, “if you are smart, pretty, witty, and talented enough you will gain the acclaim and respect of others.  This notoriety will give you the power and you will rule the world.”

Within each of us, we decide what we internally need to feel fulfilled. Like a subway, some of us get off at 5th others 120th. Either way, we are all on a similar journey struggling to fit in, make our way,  and consciously manifest what we’ve been told we are.

Some of us consider ourselves to have made it and have hit the internal bell of success. Others have not quite accomplished their goals.

Either way, it truly doesn’t matter.

We are all so vulnerable, so unsure. I find we are so much more the same than different not at confident that all we bought in from society is actually correct and can be relied upon. 

With all of our hard work, determination, and effort; no matter where we end up on the Monopoly game of life, we feel a gaping hole inside that leaves us lonely and on shaky ground.

It’s an emptiness that the quick fixes cannot stave off.  No trips, new homes, or vacations can fill the void.  We are lonely in a crowd laughing it off.  We keep moving to fear that if we stop we may never get up again.


We ponder in secret despair:

  • Why am I  here?
  • What’s the point?
  • What is life about? 

The Good News is:

At this very moment, you possess the ability to change your life, find your truth, and live life with all true peace and understanding as well a joyful spirit.

I believe people aren’t happy because they don’t want to be.

I believe we are not happy because they don’t know what else to do.

We have drank the Kool-aide and have lost ourselves.

I believe we live a daily life that is amazing and easy.

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