The Cosmic Theory of Love and your relationships

The Cosmic Theory of Love and your relationships

October 19, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

For those who believe in guides, angels, and destiny:


The Cosmic Theory of  Romantic LOVE

and the wonder of love that is unexplainable.

Part One

I risk all of my professionalism to share this unexplainable knowing in my core risking being called a lunatic, a whacky broad, someone who lives in realms of fantasy.  But, I write about love and romance, I am driven to share these feelings with you about my second book which is a handbook mixing those the clinical and spiritual  practices helping us all get back on the road to love.

As a counselor, teacher, woman, and human there are times when no theory fits defining why people do and don’t make their romances last. The DSM IV, which is the Bible for mental diagnosis, falls short of some of the unexplainable events people meet, withstand intolerable drama, or love so unconditionally that the angels themselves bow low to learn about such magical occurrences.

Contrary to all scientific research and statistics there are a few wondrous beliefs that I profoundly sense is the purpose individuals meet, find one other, and at some times even bring out the worst of one another.

Let me swallow my ethical pride and share what other professionals only ponder in the quiet privacy of their offices afraid to be judged by their peers and shunned at the office.

I wonder, I ponder, I believe:

  1. We are souls that travel in tribes.
  2. These tribes reincarnate together going to earth school other often changing roles.
  3. The roles are created with each other before each incarnation with the assistance of guides, angels, higher selves, etc.
  4. The roles, thought sometimes confusing to our conscious thinking, are for the highest spiritual growth of all involved.
  5. We reincarnate to learn lessons about love until we arrive at oneness with Source.
  6. We have free will that gives up the opportunity to take as long as it takes to learn, even if it may mean making mistakes and the need for many incarnations.

That being said, there are no mistakes, no bad relationships, no heroes, victims, righteous, or villains.  There a connection to all as if a thread keeps us together throughout eternity.   There is only synchronicity.  There is no error only lessons.

There is only LOVE.

Hard to take in I know.  This intuitive knowing passes the responsibility of all of your actions and reactions to no one else but yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a bitter road this life time.

You can choose another thought process.

 You can embrace and live with peace, compassion, and the inner knowing that we are joint co-creators in all of it. No room for anger, resentment, or most of all, fear!

There is, let me repeat, only love!


PS:  That’s why I’m not angry at Frankie Valli.  It was part of the plan of my privilege, a little girl from the lower blue collar  working to meet him, to love him, and now to have the gift  of getting to share this story with you.  Big Girls Do Cry, why my affair with Frankie Valli matters to you.

Loved him then, love him still, always have, always will.

 Can you say that about the lover that rejected you?  

Hope so.


Love you,

April of Course


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