What Makes A Woman Totally Irresistible To A Man

What Makes A Woman Totally Irresistible To A Man

November 16, 2014 2 By April Kirkwood

Why Do Some Women Always Have Men

Following Them Around like Love Sick School Boys?

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Marilyn Monroe had the ultimate mixture.  The chemistry that men go crazy for.  The “IT” Factor. But you can have it too.

 Four qualities that will keep the men who have loved you coming back for more, dreaming of you throughout the years, and keeping you in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

How To Be Irresistible to A Man

1. Sweet yet determined.

There is a always room in a man’s heart for a sweet, simple girl. This has nothing to do with class, education, or upbringing.  A genuinely sought after female is one mixed with a determination of steel and can  personify ‘team player’ who plays fair in both love and war.

What MEN think:

“You will be nice to me but you will be a helpmate, a partner, both a giver and a taker and you won’t brutalize my ego when I screw up.  Which, in my heart, I have fears that I will not be able to be the man you deserve.”

2. Naive yet Wise


You lean on him because you’re not quite sure you have all of the answers.  He feels so strong and virile around you.  But best of all, there’s a deep knowing inside of you that instills such great advice and mature counsel that he wonders how you knew all of that and you become the first person he comes to when he is at loss of what to do.

AKA You might have been around but he’ll never know where!

What men think:

“That silly wonderful woman; she would be lost without me.  She can’t ever find her shoes in the closet! Yet, I feel so secure around her, I would be more lost without her.”

3. Honest yet Mysterious

You tell the truth and in that, demand the same from him.  Yet, you are always changing, growing, and there’s so much more inside you that he just can’t wait to see what adventure you are going to share with him next. That is, if he’s the lucky one you choose.

What men think:

“I know if she says it, it’s the truth.  But her life is a whirlwind of new and exciting ideas.  Things she nonchalantly lets go of and a new project always on the horizon.  Never a dull moment with this little one.”

4. Fragile yet Seductive


You show how gentle you are letting yourself cry at a movie you’ve seen a million times.  You volunteer at your local animal charity and make him convince you not to adopt yet another dog.  Always remember to let your softer, weaker self out by needing a nap in the afternoon.  On the flip side there is another you when your aura screams sex whether it is on the dance floor, walking through the park, or cleaning the house. The perfect kitten that can scratch, jump, climb, and purr all in one soft package.  MEOW!

What Men Think:

“God, I want this woman.  She pushes all of the right buttons yet I sense she doesn’t even know how damn sexy she is.  She has a purity that I don’t want her to share with anyone but me.”

Good luck ladies.  Once you genuinely nurture these aspects of your soul, your love life will never be the same.

Love always,

April of Course


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