Win The War Of Ego Versus Humility

Win The War Of Ego Versus Humility

October 17, 2016 0 By April Kirkwood

The challenge of Ego versus Humility


‘The balancing act of a life time’

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We read the books, meditate, pray, and spend time in nature but still battle one internal dilema:  how do we conduct ouselves in the face of the duality of our teachings.

We’ve been told to claim our power. Reach for the stars, the sky’s the limit.  And inside, we do sense that we are more than our bodies and here to accomplish something no one else can do. In the silence of our room, we feel we are special. But, sad to say, most of us play it safe and don’t go full out capturing our passion.

AKA we color within the lines never creating the masterpiece of our soul’s longing.


It’s the extreme contraditions of humaness that hold us hostage and keep us down. You see we are also taught to be humble, grateful, and want for little but to serve mankind. It’s a two fold problem of being all you can be.

Trying to do both at the same time is maddening.

Even if we could manage the whole power trip way, we are afraid to assert ouselves fearing we will thought of in a negative way. That’s valid.  People often dislike others in positions of power and authority.

When we think of power we sometimes relate to those who misuse  and abuse it. So we hold back, shrink, and become someone who never thrives, expands, and grows into their selfhood.

Egocentricity and low self worth are extremes of our worst selves.

Pride versus Arrogance

Selfless versus selfish

Love versus Aggression

Power versus Greed 

Self-aware versus Self-absorbed

However, there is a way to subdue the ego while being your Best Self

with Four Simple Strategies:


These polar opposites of you have the capability to ruin your mission on earth, inhibit your ability to have what God wants for you, and mess with your mental health. Either being too much about yourself or thinking you are the scum of the earth is NOT going to get you anywhere but down.  That’s no way to live.  I’ve written three strategies which really help me rustle with these two opposing behaviors. I found these practices powerful ways to get you up to your magnificent self and also in alignment to use it to benefit the world with others actually liking you.

     1. Fire up your self worth!

Focus on the times you were the wonderful person you are. Think of times you demonstrated those qualities.

If you go around feeling down about yourself rehashing all of the mistakes you reinforce all of those things you are NOT.  Your energy is low, dense, and just plain yucky calling into more of the same.

Instead, recognize the qualities you already have.  Recall how you demonstrated them.  (For many, we are too humble) Begin saying them, write them down, look at them before you start your day, go to sleep. You will start to become be all of the positive things you say about yourself.

        2. Show your power and greatness without creating defensiveness and jealously from others.

 Now that you are the hot, dynamite soul spreading love in all you do how you keep that ego from going narcissict, off the chain, out of control.

It’s of vital importance if we are to truly be love in action that we know how to show our power and greatness and not create defensiveness and jealously from others.

If you want people to respect you know it’s not going happen but you going around telling everyone how fabulous you are. You, no doubt, have been with these kind of folks and they are disgusting and repulsive.

Look at those who are truly evolved, who smile, and recognize greatness in other people. That is being humble with power.

It comes from the inner image you hold of yourself.  You do not need to tell people if you are peaceful, content, they know it.

True communication is telepathic.

Key:  If you walk around telling people something about yourself that is not true.  Example:  I love everyone and inside, you are full of fear, they will sense it.  You will be known as a liar.

3.  Make your motto helping others, not yourself.

An ego who is in control has the ability to get along with others and assist them in seeing their own worth.  Competition arises from those who do not see their own inner greatness.  That is not the behavior of the man who recognizes who he is.

4. Shut up and listen.

If you want people around you to experience your power, listen to them with your heart and recognize who they are.  Care about them and attend to them.

There is such love in the eyes of the truly powerful.  They look at your directly.  You sense they really care for you.  They pay attention to what you are saying.

That is power with humility.

 That is the wholesomeness of a life well lived.


See you next week for more, Monday Moments with me,

April of Course






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