Why Most of Us Can’t Stand in Cinderella’s shoes….

Why Most of Us Can’t Stand in Cinderella’s shoes….

March 12, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood

Like most females brought up in this century, I’ve always loved the romantic tale of Cinderella.   The mice, the pumpkin, and the fairy godmother who create the magic confirming that each of us are capable of making our dreams come true. We get the handsome and rich Prince who is luscious in every imaginable way. He asks for our hand in matrimony  and we ride off and live ‘happily ever after.’

 I must admit I’ve wished upon a star, haven’t YOU?

 And more times than I’d care to admit, my kids have caught  me swaying to the music waving a silly wand chanting ‘Bibbity Bobbity Boo’ as I make the beds and do my chores.  I confess that I also echo sounds of birds and wouldn’t mind if a mouse came up and announced his name!

Yes, I believe in MAGIC!

Don’t YOU?

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But, when you look at the actual plot line of Cinderella’s life, it’s not all peaches and cream and glitter and glitz. It’s one long, harduous challenge after another mixed with hatred, abuse, and struggles.  It’s a challenging life for the Cinder girl until this legend reaches its resolution; the one each girl fantasizes for her own life.  

Though fairy tales look so simplistic, I wonder if any of us could genuinely be able to uphold Cinderella’s character and class with such purity in spirit.  In fact, as we skip the hard stuff and move right to the carriage and crystal slippers I think each of us should gaze into our hearts  and ask ourselves: 

“Could you really handle being Cinderella?”

Five Reasons the crown of Cinderella can only be worn by the most virtuous of women:

  1. Cinderella is grossly mistreated even by those very family members who are supposed to care and protect her.  In the most grim of circumstances this strong, self-determined woman worthy of such a title keeps her heart open and her thoughts pure wishing harm to no one when most of us would want to let them have it and feel justified in doing so. 


It’s easy for any normal woman to act lovely and kind when her kingdom treats her with deep adoration and bows to her every whim. Those are not the acts of anyone special. However, to keep your essence soft and open and receptive in the midst of thine enemies is the trait of a true queen.

Example:  Even in the face of an ugly divorce, a lady like this upholds the good from the marriage and the man she once cared for very deeply.)

          2.  Cinderella is stripped from her rightful spot in the family and shunned by all in power but somehow manages to remain positive and fills the hole in her life by surrounding herself in nature with others who love her regardless of social standing. 


Cinderella doesn’t beg for friendship or push to fit in; aka, she doesn’t kiss ass.  A true Cinderella respects all who are open, honest and gracious to her no matter what their status in life may be because she knows she is NOT defined by her status in life but who she is on the INSIDE.

Example:  The boss and the lady who cleans your office at night are treated equally.

In other words, she is lead by spirit seeing through the eyes of her heart what is INSIDE another not what is OUTSIDE.

3.  A woman of such stature is a worker bee, no matter how beneath her ability the task requested of her may be.  She is willing to do what is required while maintaining a serene calmness both within herself and in the presence of her enemies and cunningly outwits them. When others get upset, they get confused and can’t think clearly….they freak and lose in the game of life.


There is a humbleness and tenderness with a woman who wearily strives each day to serve even the most meager of responsibilities.  It is those acts that rightfully earn others devotion. She sees no task too small. Even in the face of possible failure, a true princess perseveres and somehow holds on to her dreams making heaven out of others’ trash. And most importantly, she’s smart about it.  As the Italians say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Examples:  You help your mate clean houses for extra income because you are both going to grad school.  You ignore the girls in the office who don’t invite you after work for drinks.  You go to yoga instead.

4.  A woman groomed to be a real queen does NOT retaliate when injustice is cast upon her but looks past them and focusses on her future.

 The wicked step-sisters rip up her dress, and step mother locks her away in a room.   The family she wanted to love rejected her, punished her and was cruel to her even though she was innocent of any wrong doing. Yet Cinderella kept her eyes on the prize and didn’t let their egocentric behaviors influence her desire to make her dreams come true.

Example:  When you are so busy learning and working towards that promotion at work, you have no time to gossip or belittle others.  

5.  A true Cinderella knows that enchantment exists but uses it only for good.  She realizes that her heart and her love can move mountains, invite help, and create magic. A queen sees what others look past, feels energy, knows spirit, and asks for assistance with gratitude.

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The unseen is more powerful than that which is seen with the five senses of human condition.  To understand and harness the power of our spirits can unlock the chains of limitations and create dreams. Cinderella was open to a world most reject and therein lies her power to manifest all that is good.

Example:  The power of meditation is calm and open up portals of other worlds vastly increases creativity, joy, and inner bliss. 

To be Cinderella, means standing your ground, fighting your own battles with wisdom and intelligence, doing it with class and following the leading of the spirit to harm no one.

Are YOU truly the real Cinderella?

 If so, your coach awaits and the glass slipper   fits you perfectly. 


Love always,

April of Course 


And that’s the way to be Cinderella!

The End!

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