Why She Covets Designer Labels

December 17, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

You poor guys.  You just don’t get it!

So, on behalf of all women everywhere, I am attempting to take one for the team enlightening the men you love and the men who love you as well.

Guys listen up and try to get in touch with your feminine side:

I want to explain why us girls gaze for hours on end at certain very pricy designer items.  Why we truly desire them and just knowing they are safe in our closet really does bring us joy.

FYI:  If you’re not sure whether you’ve ever been a part of this feminine experience and obsession for having the best designer couture; we hope, of course, that you will join us on this ride to luxury and extravagance.

The steps we take educating our guys about the importance of quality over quantity.

1. We drop hints as other girls walk past with that particular item that has captured our hearts.

2.  If we think your thick head didn’t quite absorb our subtle suggestions, we try to help you out, knowing how visual you are, we drag you to the store, the computer, or point out on the big screen as Angelina Jolie struts her wears in a hot sex scene. (We are more than aware of how SEX sells.  But does it help you buy, that is the question!)

3.  Finally, we might just press our bitch button and become the whiny, nagging little princess you thought we outgrew.  See what happens when you push us to the limits?  Shame on you!

Before you stop reading this blog muttering words like ridiculous, outrageoususeless, and ‘you broads are all nuts’, I’m on YOUR side.  I have sympathy for you.  I get it.  Perhaps that bag is really only made of heavy vinyl, and the shoes are just painted red on the bottom but it’s much more than the actual items and it’s imperative to the health of your love life that you get it.

Well, not just get it, but purchase it!

Why YOU need to buy her one of these once in a while:

Our culture has incorrectly told us that men who really love their woman, invest in her.

Items that may indeed be overpriced, holding almost a religious following make her feel special, elegant, and give her the confidence that is a front runner of her pack.

Women dress for women. Sorry guys, it’s not all about you.  (Let’s face it, you could care less if that red lace thong comes from Dior or Victoria’s Secret.) We eye each other like the enemy and can tally up the cost of their outfit faster then you can say, ‘charge it.’

In our lame minds, when you buy these items, it tells us and all of our family and friends, “Wow, he must really love you.” This is an intoxicating rush; along with the smell of Italian leather, the cool slide of gold around our neck, or the blinding glimmer of diamonds as we glance in the mirror before we head out on your arm. (You want to be her number one? This is a heck of a start doll.)

 I am in agreement that much of this is a bowl of ‘what the heck’ and a side of dish of, “you are kidding, right’ but it’s just the way we girls are.

Remember, ‘if Mom is happy, everyone’s happy.’

My recommendations:

Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Chanel, Prada, Cartier, Jimmy Choo, 

(That’s a great start….go, guys, go!)

Don’t shoot the messenger,

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