Rules for Ex’s!  What You Need to Tell Them!

Rules for Ex’s! What You Need to Tell Them!

December 2, 2014 2 By April Kirkwood

Divorce is hell.

 No one wins.


 After a divorce we all try to rebuild our lives with new spouses, children, and in-laws. Nonetheless, the situation can seem to gather momentum towards more chaos not the heaven we envisioned. One way you can help your new life stay out of hell’s burning fires is to keep your EX at a distance.


I was reminded of this when People Magazine reiterated this type of complicated triangle between Mila, Ashton and his ex, Demi Moore.   It appears that Ashton has been encouraging Demi to visit Mila and their new baby girl, Wyatt Isabelle.

Perhaps he wants Wyatt to learn bipolar behaviors early!



what the hell is he thinking?  

Could it be Mr. Kutcher feels bad for Demi and the painful divorce they endured?  Or does Ashton somehow miss the liberal ‘threesome’ marriage they once shared together with some sinister ploy to recreate the party atmosphere.

This is NOT just strange, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

Why is Mila letting this bullshit continue.  I don’t care if Bruce Willis and new wife, Emma don’t mind if Demi drops in unannounced and visits their toddlers.  I think their a bit off as well.


Mila stand up and stop this madness.


Rules for Exes who have no children together:

MOVE ON! Stay out of ex’s life.  There is NO Reason whatsoever to continue any kind of relationship.



Rules for Exes who have children together:

1.  Never bad mouth the ex in front of the kids, or even when they are in the house.  They are like baby bats.  They have excellent ears.

2.  Never go beyond the foyer of your ex’s home even if you once shared it together. Respect their boundaries. 

3.  Be polite.  You loved each other once.  You both love your kids.

4.  Keep divorce fights for the lawyer’s office.  That’s what they get the big bucks for.

5.  No revenge dating.  Don’t date their friends, family members, or co-workers.  Tacky, tacky, tacky.

6.  Pray for healing.  It takes a long time.

Eventually, the hurts will fade away into blurs of once happier times.  The mind is good at that.  Try to remember that attending joint functions is not an option but a responsibility and being kind to step moms and step dads is a way YOU as an adult can model respect, dignity, and how well you are able to move on with class.

I’ll never forget when I sat at the bed of my ex husband when he was dear death; it’s sadly funny, none of the crap mattered.  We looked at each other, asked for forgiveness, hugged, cried, kissed with our grown son looking on and hoped we would see each other again.  

As time goes on, love is all that lasts.

Love always and forever,

April of Course



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