Three Types of Baby Boomers – Which One Are YOU?

Three Types of Baby Boomers – Which One Are YOU?

October 17, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood

 Which one are YOU?


I don’t know how it happened but I am learning to listen more and watch with the eye of an observer. What I’ve seen and experienced with my peers the last two years have been documented in the counseling file in my mind. I have derived that there are three general groups of the middle age crowd. That would include approximately those of us 40 plus years.


What you reveal you heal!


The Runners

1. The “Runners.” Runners are the males or females that are STILL searching. I am not sure what they are searching for, however. But they sure do it passionately. Moving from homes, hitting the bars, buying the corvette,…you get it.

They have difficulty relaxing and are interesting to talk to because their mind is spinning with ideas, experiences, and what to do next.

These folks usually look great and work at being in fashion, well read, and up to date even to the point of looking OVER done.

To some they may look manic, hyper, and disconnected to source. They are out and about to the point of exhaustion; after all, they aren’t 25 or 35 any more.

Their Motto:  “One more lap around the gym and a Viagara and I’m good as new.”

ADVICE: Like it or not, the clock keeps on ticking and TIME waits for no one. Chill my brother, everyone has an expiration date.


The “Who Cares”

2. The “Who cares.” The “Who Cares” group are happy to be in stretch pants, jogging suits, and that extra 10-15 pounds is just part of the process of aging. They are content with how they look. They would never invest in a face lift or anything as superficial a makeover. After all, they had this hair style when they got married in the 80′s. If it’s not broke, why fix it now. I’m not sure if they have competing with the status quo.

And on some strange level, I can understand that, keeping up with the Jones can be exhausting.

But then they look unhealthy, unfit, and are totally lost in what is trending. At a dinner party, they often feel at a loss with strangers because of a lack of conversation starters. If they like to eat; they eat. If they love books about birds, that’s the only books they read and they will not apologize for not knowing who Rhianna is.

Their Motto:  “Screw it, have another beer!”

Advice:  Pick up a Vogue Magazine.  Hit the gym.  The days of protesting are over.  The only only one are hurting is yourself.  Healthy is happy!


The Integrated

3. The “Integrated.” These middle-agers are the minority in terms of people I personally know. They somehow manage to see the big picture and have arrived.

They aren’t fanatical, are quiet in nature, and their presence exudes a peaceful kind of feeling. They don’t need to be right, make a point, or be the leader. They do exercise, keep their nose in the world’s activities, and look healthy but not over done.  They look their age and are OK with that.

They can stay home and be quiet or go out on the town. They aren’t reclusive but are exclusive. The elusive butterfly has come to stay and they are too filled with bliss to even notice.

Their motto: Savor each day and die healthy!

Advice:  Keep it up.  You are our role models.

Now, I have to go Integrate and keep moving.  Have a wonderful day boomers.

Love always,

Fifty something aka April of Course

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