Three Reasons Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Has To Do With Your Personal Life

Three Reasons Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Has To Do With Your Personal Life

April 28, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood

I recently plopped down transfixed as I watched the Bruce Jenner interview sharing intimate details with host, Diane Sawyer about transgender issues.  He openly announced his very brave and difficult decision to become a woman in front of the entire universe.  ‘Wow’ I thought, ‘I hope this works for him!’ already afraid of what the world would say.


For me, it was again one of those few moments where I stood lifeless walking out of the kitchen holding a wet dish towel in my hand.  I was spell bound reacting very much the same way I did when I heard about the untimely deaths of both Michael Jackson and Princess Diana.

In 2015, however, our lives have become more transparent. So I reached out to social media to see others were as taken aback as I was.   I scanned countless messages of kindness and began to wonder why this outpouring for the father of the controversial Kardashian clan was met with such so much warmth and non judgment.

I wondered why you and I were so touched by this interview.  After all, a large percent of the general population aren’t tormented by this whole transgender drama. So, I sat back and thought.  I thought about my feelings, your feelings, and the message it sent to each of us.

I derived, after a lot of anguish and self searching, that each of us are all very taken with this story for three main reasons. None of which, by the way, has to do with the entire transgender issues; though it is indeed an interesting topic of conversation and debate in and of itself.

The Three REAL Reasons we support Bruce Jenner:


Because much like Bruce, we or someone we know:

1. Each struggle to fit in and battle with it daily.

2. Feel alone and different.

3. Want to break free of social norms and are scared to high heaven to do so!


The standard has been set so high for each of us since the moment we are born.  If we don’t act, look, and behave in a certain way we are labeled losers, weird, strange, twice gifted, or special. If we don’t meet the benchmarks set for us by those who are been appointed to know what is right we are set apart and given extra help because we are lacking somehow. All of a sudden, we are keenly aware that there is a ‘them‘ and an ‘us.’ and the lie is set into our beings, mind, soul, and body.

That is a lie, it is NOT the truth! 

The truth is we are perfectly incomplete and unique. Our development happens at exactly the right time and place for who we are.  

Who are YOU?


You are a child brought forth from a wonderful source of energy and light that has always been and always will be.  You have co-created and chosen to be here in this wonderful adventure to learn more about love.

Nothing else is real.  Nothing else matters.

You must recall this inner knowing of your perfection resonating in your soul and beckoning you to stand up and defend yourself running, laughing expressing the magnificence of your brilliance.

It is heartbreaking to admit that somewhere along growing up most of us tumble and crumble under the hands of those who pretend to have power and authority. And worst of all, we pretend right back giving them more energy to continue their path of undoing! Their cruel judgments and backhanded manipulations serve only to further separate and divide us into good versus bad, cool versus weird, in versus out.

We learn early to silence the still voice that wants to rejoice. We grow into beings who doubt ourselves and look to the approval of  others to determine our personal worth.  Is it true that my legs are too fat and I’m dumb because I only got a C minus on the spelling test.  Is my family a bunch of bums since we don’t vacation every year in Europe or live in a big house? Does my mom know I’m awful and is that why she drinks too much wine and I am  so rotten my Dad always works to hide from his child?  Am I worthless?  Am I undesirable?

They often win alienating us from our true nature where we then become disconnected, lost, alone, and depressed.The final defeat comes the morning we get up without a spark inspiring us to get up and continue to thrive.  We though somehow survive. And it shouldn’t be a surprise, though it usually is, when we hear that someone died suddenly, ‘out of the blue’ of a heart attack.  These things are never sudden, never without warnings of disappointment or despair.  In reality, it has been a long time coming.  We gave up.

My story, Big Girls Do Cry, is my longing to understand who I am, be heard, and feel comfortable in my own skin.  I long to be loved by a good person who sees the reasons and still only perceives my perfection.

Am I transgender?

April K Book Trailer

No, but I am often alone, depressed, misunderstood, and wrongly judged.

I hope you enjoy the book.   Pre order yours on May 3rd by signing up below! 

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