Three Behaviors That Turn YOUR Women Off

Three Behaviors That Turn YOUR Women Off

November 10, 2015 0 By April Kirkwood


What Guys Do That Kill Romance In Relationships!


It’s time you’ve heard the truth about why you aren’t getting anything from the woman who at one time couldn’t keep her hands off you.

Guys you might say that these are petty grievances; but one moment adds to others, which turns into weeks, then years leaving both parties feeling alone and confused about love.

The top three syndromes that drive women away from you:

 The Bird Cage Effect


If you don’t permit us our freedom we will want to fly.  If you give us room to come and go; we will be back.  Let’s face it, it’s tough out there and nothing is better than a strong hug and the protection of a warm, open heart to make us love home.

The Mother Complex


We don’t want to follow you around telling you what to do.  If you act helpless, irresponsible, lacking the wherewithall to know how to dress yourself, make your own appointments, it’s a romance killer. You want us to desire you? Be the man who protects, guides, and leads with class and strength.  Seriously, we do not want to make love to a child.

Fifteen Minute Foreplay


Just because you live together, are married, have kids and made the commitment doesn’t give you the right to ignore, and take her for granted.  Never assumes she knows you love her.  That means sex as well.  Foreplay doesn’t start 15 minutes before sex.  It starts right after the last love making session.

Women are not machines.  They need to be told often and feel special.  The longer you’ve been a couple the more she needs your tender loving ways. We need your arms, your support,your affection.

And in return,

you get all of us committed, joyful, and there for you in the best and worst of times.


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