The Upside Of Being Sensitive

The Upside Of Being Sensitive

September 26, 2016 0 By April Kirkwood

Are You A Sensitive Sally?


I too have been called sensitive.  In fact, most of the women in my family are like that.  We wear our hearts on our sleeves and often appear a little crazy.  Crazy is never a good state to be in but neither is being aloof or hard to those around them. As a writer, I love words. God spoke the world into being.  That is magic. It is true, words can help or hurt, encourage or discourage, lift up or put down others.

For years, I didn’t see this sensitive aspect of myself and others as a gift. I tried to act cool, tough, and able to accept even the harshest of remarks.

Today, however, I love that I’m able to be real enough to bare my soul and let the true me out for the world to see.  I no longer  think of being sensitive as a negative or deficit to my character but only the reaction to it that needs tweaked.

I love sensitive people both young and old.

I find them to be genuine, honest, dependable, tender, and the truest of friends.

Truths About Sensitive People

Most sensitive people want to be tougher but it’s not in their nature. They are born this way. Sensitive folks feel that their sensitivity is a weakness. Sensitive people are prone to suffer from recurrent depression, anxiety, or other psychological disorders but I see the upside of being sensitive and glad to be one of ‘those’ kind of people and you should too!

Here are Pro’s of being Sensitive


          Sensitive people are open and up front.

          They are not players in the arena of romance.

          Sensitive people don’t toy with you with head games.

          Sensitive people don’t have hidden agendas.

          If they say they love you, they truly do.

          Sensitive people are in touch with how those they love feel.

          They are great mental health care workers.

          Sensitive people are wonderful parents and care takers.

          These folks are the most creative in the universe!

          Sensitive people are peace makers as they hate conflict.

         They are very insightful and often psychic.

Tips for the Sensitive at Heart


If you happen to be sensitive or know someone who is….help them realize that most things in life aren’t personal but stem from other issues that have nothing to do with them.

Don’t make them watch news or movies that upset them…especially before bed.

Help them use “I” statements in conversations to increase feelings of personal empowerment.

Have them practice, “You can……..”  statements filling in what they desire to accomplish or feel.

Give them a break from situations where there are large crowds, loud music, and confusion.

Keep them focussed on the positive when stress happens.

Be gentle.  Do not criticize their emotions.  They  have a right to feel the way they do.

Sharing and modeling how to manage emotions is the best way to help your sensitive Sally or Sam!


NOTE:  Children who are sensitive can eaisly become the target of bullys because they can’t stand the thought of getting in trouble and won’t stand up for themselves. Other sensitive children or are so over stimulated they have academic problems.



As for me, I have learned  to step back and pause before overeacting to life’s hurts and know not all days or encounters are going to be pleasant. This  technique of quiet observation has greatly increased my ability to balance my emotions with my common sense.

I have also become wiser about who and what I share with others; not out of fear but as a caretaker of my own heart.

I know my feelings are just as valuable as any one elses and honor them as I would others.

When it’s all said and done, life to me is the process of returning to love and my goal each day is to give and receive nothing but positive energy.

Loving yourself and loving those around you just as they are is the most healing technique known to mankind.

Have a wonderful week.


April of course.







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