The Man Who Got Under Your Skin

The Man Who Got Under Your Skin

August 20, 2018 0 By April Kirkwood

September first I’m publishing my second book.  It’s the  raw naked truth about multi-generational dysfunctions that created the urgency for a little girl to find someone who would make life happy and safe. It was time to remember and share events about my childhood that I hid in my first book.

Today, I’m ready to use this writing as a tool to create conversations about families and their effects on our adult romance.  I’m moving on and I wrote little poem quite a while ago when I wasn’t  emotionally strong.  I am today.  Perhaps those of you who are having issues with love or want to learn more about why you pick the people you do to love you…this will be of value to you.

Definition of  romantic Imprinting:  A spiritual bond to another, usually quite unintentionally, perhaps based on childhood memories or self created thoughts about the perfect partner.  Either way, they can wreck havoc with adult relationships if left to their own devices.  


Ode To My Imprint

Mr. Frankie Valli

I loved you before I met you!

You didn’t know my affection started as a small girl.

I gave myself to you long before I met you!

You saw a young woman that seemingly was careless with her body.

I saved my body for you long before I met you!

You saw it as a one night stand that went on for thirty years.

I had never let myself move on.

You broke my girlish dreams into pieces.

I grew up holding on to you throughout the tears.

You walked away.

I tried to replace you with the wrong people.

You became a ghost haunting my love life.

I had to exorcise you through tears, truth, and triumph.

You never knew.

I’ve been healing and weeping.

You never cared.

I did.

I know  so many who have left a relationship wondering what they ever saw in them in the first place.  They shake their heads promising themselves they will never get into that mess again. But a few years later, there is something familiar about the relationship.  The new mate may have a different career from the last one, or be taller with a different chin…but there is something….something that resonates and wakes up your heart to move in, get close, and open your inner being. Perhaps you are somehow part of the romantic imprint syndrome!

Here are the good news:

Will you be able to heal from this?  Yes

Can you remain loving in the face of this knowledge? Yes

Is it possible to find the right partner after so much heartache? Yes

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