The Secret of Enduring Romance is….

The Secret of Enduring Romance is….

December 7, 2014 0 By April Kirkwood


Why do some couples still sit on the same couch they’ve had  for the last 15 years lumps and all, laughing, tickling, cuddling and nuzzling each other like two lovesick puppies after 23 years of marriage?

Why do other partners, even after just a few years of cohabiting, hide from each other spending hours working late and leaving earlier each morning for the gym just to keep up the facade that all is well on the home front?

What is happening behind closed doors in happy relationships?



It’s the reason we want to feel love in the first place.  Foolish to some, we still look for that special someone who gets us even after enduring the pain of past heartbreaks of love lost.  Humans seek a connection; one so profoundly intimate that we feel that we have known each another all of our lives even after a few encounters. And to make it even more perfect, this someone actually continues to love us and desires to stay in spite of knowing all of our crap.

So what often happens after we find that?

We forget to do what brought us to that magical place of oneness in a time when we could chat for hours over coffee. Or the rainy days we laid in bed and spoke nakedly about dreams, memories, fears, and forever.

Many couples have lost what brought them together in the first place,


A house is not enough. Date nights are not enough. A wedding ring and a big wedding in not enough.  Children are not enough.  Money is not enough.

To keep love alive we must turn off the cell, the tv, the manic thoughts about bills, kids, and work….then we MUST take time to open up our hearts and our minds to one another to listen, share, ponder, respond without judgment, and accept the deep thoughts of someone who at one time we would talk for hours with about nothing special because it was all special.

This is what enduring love is about.


Get Your

DMC on and let love come alive!

Love always,

April of Course

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