Save Your Marriage For The Holidays!

Save Your Marriage For The Holidays!

April 17, 2019 0 By April Kirkwood

How to Get Along With In-Laws and Help Your Marriage!

It becomes a battle over power.  Silly, one person two people love can destroy the very thing we try to protect.  Parents often feel like the new spouse has taken their baby.  Spouses often feel jealous of their very natural and unconditional favoritism their parents share.  However, the big picture is about love.  Love for your spouse, love for your child, and love for their children.  Keep that in mind and practice these tips to hold the glue that binds in a positive, uplifting, and grateful atmosphere for all involved


  1. Have your spouse spend time alone with their parents.  It shows you understand and realize the deep devotion their parents feel for their child aka your spouse.
  2. Don’t touch their tender spots. If you know an issue is sure to cause moments of unease, stop.  Why fuel their fire and cause hurt feelings.
  3. Let your in-laws in your world by asking them for assistance with issues you both find a bit overwhelmed with.  It makes them feel important.  By the way, they are older and wiser.  Appreciate their experience in areas of financing, child rearing, and car shopping.
  4. Let them know what’s going on.  Nothing is more hurtful to any parent than to get news about their child’s life through the grapevine.  Keep them involved; it’s just respectful and they will feel a part of your world.


Counselor’s Tip: Research shows that couples that have good relationships with in laws are happier and stay married more than those who at at odds extended family members.



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